Parker Porter Shares His Incredible Story

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Before going to No Limit my life consisted of mostly physical therapy trying to recover from my accident. In January of 2010, I suffered a traumatic brain injury from a motorcycle accident in which I lost all movement and strength in my left side.

Parker 7

I temporarily lost the ability to walk and talk, and have had to work extremely hard since then to regain movement and strength. Physical therapy helped with some of the small muscle stuff for me, but I still felt pretty weak most of the time.

Parker 5

 I decided to start going to No Limit to work with Jeff who I had previously worked with after physical therapy.

Parker 2

I wanted to get bigger, stronger, and be pushed harder.

Parker 3

My experience at No Limit has been really good, everybody is so positive and encouraging, and you can’t beat the atmosphere. I have seen tremendous results since I started and feel better than I ever have since my accident.

Parker 1

I have noticed more overall strength and endurance, as well as seeing definition in my chest, back, arms, and core. I love training at No Limit!



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