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Personal Fitness Trainer in Anaheim Hills Shares Optical Illusion Trick for Weight Loss

By November 14, 2010One Comment

When you're attempting to lose weight there will be a number of obstacles in your path.  One of these obstacles of course is the fact that you will be eating much less than normal, and with that being the case you may lose faith in the process. One of the biggest problems people encounter in our boot camps in Orange County is shaking the habit of recreational eating. If you have an extremely high metabolism then there is nothing wrong with recreational eating, but later on you might lose that metabolism. If this does indeed happen to you, then you will face some serious issues.


That being the case, there are a few optical illusions you might employ when eating your dinner. First of all, you could use smaller plates while you are eating dinner. Through this method you may be able to trick yourself into believing you are eating more than you actually are, and there will be less of a chance of you being hungry later on.

Your other option would be to eat less fattening foods in larger quantities. Your mind will tell you that you are consuming your normal amount of food, but in the end you will actually lose quite a bit of weight and in the end your optical illusions will provide you with a level of confidence unlike any other. That being said, it's time for you to utilize these optical illusions. It won't be long before you're losing weight like never before, which is definitely a step up.

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  • Los Angeles Exercise Classes says:

    By eating less fattening foods in larger portions, the stomach may attain a sense of fullness without sacrificing overall caloric intake. Thanks for giving this weight-loss tip.

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