Personal Trainer in Orange County Shares Deepest Fear

By August 7, 2011One Comment

So this week I’ll be sharing the motivational video from Hawaii while I’m on vacation..Yes I still put up the weekly motivational clip even on vacation. 🙂

This week I didn’t choose the video, my uncle sent it to me and said I MUST check it out. He also told me he watches it every single day, which I thought was great.

Here you go, let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. Also if you have something you read, watch or do daily to motivate you, remind you why you do what you do or just to pump you up please leave a comment below and share with me what it is I would love to know.



Lastly if you’ve been stuck in a rut or just need something new I’m inviting you down to our free Saturday workouts in Anaheim Hills. For more information just check out ===> Orange County Boot Camps <===and pick which time to come join us, we would love to have you.

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