Personal Trainer in Orange County Shares Motivational Video

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Every day we all go through daily struggles. Sometimes we feel like were all alone, but really almost everyone around you has their own issue they are dealing with. There might have even points in your life when you want to give up, that’s normal we ALL go through it.

We are all made to be great, keep your head up, always stay positive, work hard and live with passion. Some people have been in the worst scenarios, where they have nothing and STILL find a way to make something happen. I have a client who has had one of the roughest lives and still every time he walks through the door he has a smile on his face and is ready for a workout. Never complains, always focuses on the positive. The man is an inspiration to a lot of people including me and he probably doesn’t even know it. He was told he couldn’t do anything…he could’ve given up a long time ago. Instead, he CHOSE not to listen to other people and fought and worked his way back up and he’s doing daily activities and living his life. He can actually lift some pretty heavy weights too!!!

So when you lose a job, dont make the team or cant lose the extra pounds this month, are you going to give up? I hope not.. If you do then it obviously didnt mean that much to you from the start. Figure out what you want in life, set some goals, write them down and be relentless! You WILL get what you focus on!

Check out this clip below 🙂

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