Personal Trainer in Orange Exposes 10 Crazy Health Myths

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If you’re confused about what is healthy for your body, the following myth busting information will help set you straight:

1. Colon cleansers remove toxins and waste from the digestive system

There is no evidence that toxins and fecal matter collect inside the colon. These cleansers can actually be dangerous if not used properly!

2. Unused muscle turns into fat.

While fat can surround your muscle, it is impossible for muscle tissue to become fat tissue. What actually happens when you don’t workout to increase and maintain muscle mass is the muscle gradually disappears and fat stores settle in where old muscle tissue used to be.

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3. Listerine on the skin keeps mosquitoes away.

This is like the old wives tales that get passed around for generations. While there are many people who swear Listerine on the skin keeps the biting bugs at bay, all scientific research into the claim has failed to find evidence.

4. Liquid eyeliner seeps into your eyes and causes infection.

It is impossible for any type of make up to cause infection from being trapped inside the tear duct. You can have an allergic reaction to some ingredient in an eyeliner, but you don’t have to worry about liquid types leaking into your eye.

5. Herbal products are completely safe.

This is a myth that could actually be damaging to your health. It’s true that herbal products are drawn from completely natural substances, but that doesn’t mean you can take as much of them as you want. Many prescription medications are also made from natural herbs! Many herbs are very powerful so research any supplement prior to putting it in your body.

6. Cracking your knuckles causes arthritis.

Wrong again! This one has been widely believed for generations, but studies are showing it to be absolutely untrue. You can crack away without worry of arthritis.

7. The Acai Berry has the power to melt away fat, cure cancer, and all other physical ailments.

The Acai Berry has received a ton of attention and supplements are popping up everywhere, but there is no scientific evidence as of yet that it can fight cancer or help you lose weight. It does have a lot of fiber and other nutrients like other berries, but it hasn’t been proven to do all the things marketers are saying it does. Most supplements won’t hurt you, but don’t expect them to magically melt away your fat.

8. You shouldn’t drink wine while on an antibiotic.

This one is actually true. Antibiotics can interact negatively with some components of wine and other forms of alcohol. It is best not to drink at all until you are healthy and done with your course of medication.

9. Your lipstick could give you cancer.

There have been some lipstick brands that tested for very minor amounts of cancer-causing components, but there wasn’t enough of the component found to raise alarm. Most lipsticks are completely safe and the others only present a very tiny risk.

10. Grapefruit can burn fat from the body.

Grapefruit does not directly burn fat, but it can increase your metabolism which leads to faster fat burn. Including grapefruit as well as other fruits in your diet is a great way to increase your weight loss success over time.

Tip- Eat 1/2 a grapefruit at breafast with a cup of coffee and 1/2 a grapefruit at lunch before you eat lunch 🙂

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