Placentia Boot Camp Let’s You Know What’s True and False When It Comes To Fat Loss

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1. Caffeine can help you burn body fat. TRUE

Caffeine amplifies the amount of fat that gets released from the fat cells, which allows your body to use it as fuel. Having caffeine before a work (roughly an hour before and about 200-400 mgs) is definitely beneficial because research has shown it can make you stronger and reduce muscle pain during the workout.

2. When trying to get lean train on an empty stomach. FALSE

You should always eat before working out, this is essential because it gives you the fuel you need to train hard. Training is difficult enough on your body as it is, but if you don’t take the necessary steps to prepare and replenish your body, it can result in muscle fatigue which can lead to injury.  A complex carbohydrate (oatmeal or whole grain bread) with a protein source 1-2 hours before a work out will give you the energy you need.

3. Increase Protein intake when trying to lean out. TRUE

When you begin a fat burning program your calorie intake is going to decrease, so it is important as stated above to take the necessary steps to make sure you body doesn’t crash. When working out your body utilizes your fat as fuel, when there is no more fat to burn it moves on to the next source, which is protein. If you are not eating enough protein your body starts lose muscle tissue and your metabolism drops, which results in burning less fat. Try to eat between 1 and 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight to ensure you’re holding on to that muscle you have worked so hard for.

4. Avoid simple carbs while trying to lean out. FALSE

Simple carbs are great immediately after weight training because they are a main component to helping your body return to an anabolic state that traditionally a hard workout will disrupt. Anything outside of that I would stick to your complex carbs.

5. Skipping breakfast can lead to fat gain.  TRUE

Not eating breakfast causes your body to start eating away at your muscle, which causes your metabolism to slow down. You just want to make sure you get an adequate amount of protein and carbs, we are talking about the most important meal of the day.

6. You can’t get lean with carbs. FALSE

Carbohydrate a crucial element to keeping your thyroid levels steady. If your carb intake decreases your thyroid will most likely drop as well which will have an effect on your body and how it burns fat. So make sure your diet consists of complex carbs if you are going to be training hard.

7. Drinking water can help you burn more fat. TRUE

There is research that suggests that water can help you burn fat more efficiently, when you are dehydrated you experience a drop in the number of calories you burn in a day (also known as your resting metabolic rate). In other studies it has been shown that cold water raises metabolic rate because the body has to spend more energy to get the water to body temperature. In other words stay hydrated (with cold water ;D)  to keep your metabolic rate and fat burning at its finest.

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    Thyroids suck! No matter what meds I’m on for my hypothyroidism, I can never seem to shed the last 5 – 7 lbs. HELP!

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