Placentia Boot Camp Says It’s All About The New School

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Old School: exercising on an empty stomach will burn more fat.

New School: research has shown that eating 150 calorie meal an hour or two before a work out will help you burn more calories throughout the day. Exercising on an empty stomach can cause you not to work out as intensely and not burn as many calories; you will mostly likely burn muscle.

Old School: Abs at the end of the work out

New School: Engaging your abs throughout you work out, 70% of your core  training should be focused toward strengthening and stabilizing, which means more exercises that require you to stiffen your abs as you work against resistance. Exercising that strengthen your core help improve performance as well as help reduce injuries

Old School: Have a work out partner

New School: Sometimes it is better to be the lone ranger, depending on your work out partner it might be in your best interest to work out alone. Research has shown that you may actually work out harder when you are by yourself, plus you partner could be considered a distraction especially if they are chatty.

Old School: Working out will keep you trim.

New School: Your entire day needs to be included; exercise and watching what you eat are contributing factors to helping you stay in shape, no argument there. But what you are doing either 16 waking hours of the day also has an effect, it’s about your total daily energy expenditure and not just how many calories you burn while exercising. Keep in mind the more you move the more calories you burn.

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