Placentia Boot Camp Talks Back Pain and The Exercises You Should Do

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If you’re someone who’s suffering from chronic back pain, it’s imperative that you take into consideration what you’re doing in the gym each and every day as you go about your workout sessions.

Back pain can often be resolved with the right combination of exercises, so by thinking about this clearly, you can optimize the results that you see.

Let’s go over the top exercises that you should consider doing if you want to combat back pain.


Bent Over Rows

First, bent over rows will strengthen the muscles that run along the upper body near the shoulder blades, so can help you sustain better posture throughout the day.

Often one of the primary reasons that back pain develops is due to improper posture being carried out for an extended period of time, so by sitting up straight, you can avoid it.

The Plank

Second, the plank is another exercise to consider adding to your workout program to combat back pain. The plank is great because it’s going to strengthen the core muscles, which are going to also help keep you in proper alignment as you go about your day to day activities.

The plank is a fantastic core building exercise, so one that you definitely want to be making good use of.


To work the muscles that run up and down the spinal column, consider the superman exercise. This can either be done with or without weight, so the choice is yours in how you prefer to do it.

Supermans are a great way to finish off your workout, so consider adding them to your abdominal workout routine.


Finally, the last of the exercises to consider doing for your back is the deadlift. The deadlift is primarily a hamstring builder, however the lower back muscles will also be worked to quite a high degree whenever you perform this exercise as well.

If you’re using a heavy weight as you go about the deadlift, you can rest assured that you will see great power gains and muscle strength increases as well.

This is a great compound movement to place at the start of your workout program.

So make sure that you are considering these movements if you’re dealing with back pain and looking to resolve it. They’ll strengthen all the muscles you need to sustain good back health.

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