Placentia Boot Camp Talks What To Know About Youth Strength Training

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If you have a son or daughter who has been asking to go to the gym with you, now is the chance to get them introduced into the world of fitness.

It’s great that they’re taking an interest in this at a younger age because it’s going to help set them up for a life of greater overall levels of physical activity.  Clearly this is definitely going to be a good thing as far as weight control and maintaining optimal health go.

As long as your child is above the age of 13 or 14, it’s safe for them to get started as long as they keep a few things in mind.

Let’s go over what to remember about youth training.

Keep The Weight Loss

First, it’s a must that they focus on keeping the weight light when first beginning. As their body is still going through a number of changes as it grows and completes the puberty process, now is not the time to have them maxing out their weight lifted.

They should focus on bodyweight exercises first and once they’re comfortable with that, then they can go about adding some strength oriented exercises.

Keep Workout Volume Down

Next, they also should focus on keeping the workout volume down as well. Since it will take their body longer to recover between weight lifting sessions, it’s vital that they never let themselves overdo it.

They should focus on two to three full body workouts per week, having at least one, if not two days off between them.

This will make sure they’re making a full recovery between the sessions and come back feeling stronger than before.

Get Them Using Proper Form

Finally, book them a session with a good personal trainer. You want them to get on track with using the best form possible and if they don’t learn properly now, they may struggle to learn better form down the road.

An introductory session or two with a trainer can be the absolute best way to get them off on the wrong foot.

They don’t necessarily have to see the trainer each and every time, but they should be seeing them semi-regularly as they go about their program.

So there you have the primary points to keep in mind regarding getting your child active with a workout program. Keep these tips in mind and you will get them on track to a successful weight lifting future.

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