Placentia Boot Camp Trainer Tells How To Get Back To Your Workout Post-Pregnancy

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If you’ve just given birth to a brand new baby boy or girl, one thing that you might be thinking about is how you’re ever going to regain your pre-baby body back. You’ve seen other women do it before, but can you do it as well?

If you’ve gained 20 or more pounds, it may feel like mission impossible at this point. But, with a smart workout plan in place, it’s more than possible to regain your pre-baby body back.

Let’s look at some important points to note.

Focus On Strength Training

The very first thing that you should be doing is focusing on adding strength training to your program first and foremost. If there’s one form of exercise that is going to get you the best results possible, strength training is it.

Just avoid exercises that stress out the stomach directly as these muscles may still be healing. Instead, focus on performing upright exercises that work the muscles of the legs, back, chest, and arms.  Do this until you’re a few months out and then you can start focusing on some abdominal exercises again.

Eat Well

Second, make sure that you are eating well. If you choose to eat right, this will really kick-start the fat loss process as well.

Get in at least five to ten servings of fruits and vegetables a day and then add some lean proteins with each meal and snack you eat.  Healthy fats should be added sparingly and complex carbohydrates such as grains only eaten around the workout period.

This will provide your body with standout nutrition and get you as lean as possible fast.

Do Cardio When You Can

Finally, chances are you don’t have a lot of extra spare time to devote to your cardio training routine. Not to worry, just get it in when you can.

Remember that 10 minute bursts do count and will add up over time.  Add a few ten minute intervals at various points throughout the day and you’ll get a fast energy boost after each of them and help burn more calories total over the course of the day.

So there you have the primary points know and remember. If you go slowly at your own pace, you will achieve your goals and have fun as you go about the process. Push yourself, but at the same time, do what’s comfortable.

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