Placentia Personal Trainer Shares Video on Discipline

By May 12, 2013One Comment

Happy Monday! It’s the start of another amazing week 🙂

The word of the week is DISCIPLINE.

Discipline is the most critical ingredient for success. It’s the master key that unlocls the door to happiness.

The glue that binds inspiration to achievement…the bridge between thought and accomplishment..

We must all suffer from two different pains:

The pain of discipline


The pain of regret

watch the move to see the rest…


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  • Ginger says:

    Thank you so much for sharing that truly inspirational video Sako! I lost my son to a drug overdose last year. Although it has been a very difficult road, I have chosen to strive for a better life for my family and me. One can truly “decide” to have a better life. Letting go of all the bs weighing you down is a great start! I’ve done a couple of seminars to give me the tools to work through that process! It’s not easy, but it certainly is possible! Hoping we can all learn to live a disciplined life!

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