Placentia Personal Trainer Super Bowl Monday Motivation

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So I just got done at a weekend seminar with some of the top people in the fitness industry and wow was it eye opening! 

Being in a room with so many passionate people that have a purpose and burning desire to be great. You don’t see it often, we’re always caught up around negative people, tire kickers and people living in fear or failing. That weekend was a great recharge and definitely got me inspired to step my game up in 2013!

What do you do to better yourself? Where do you find your inspiration?

Alright check it out, I’m stoked for the super bowl and as I write this it’s Sunday morning so this video I thought was perfect but when you read it the super bowl will be over and hopefully the Ravens have won. Sorry niners fans, I’m banking on my boy Ray Lewis and that burning passion and determination 🙂

This video actually got me a little teary eyed but it hit home with me and made perfect sense. I will no longer complain again! (well maybe)

Enjoy the video and go dominate this week!

 “The Only Disability In Life Is A Bad Attitude”

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