Placentia Personal Training Client Shares Inspirational Story

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A few days ago I logged on to Facebook and see that I’m tagged in a post from one of our previous clients. Once I get to the post I see a long write up, not sure what it’s about but I start reading it.

One year later our client shares his journey with everyone on FB, I will share it below but man he definitely spent some time on this.

I remember when he worked with Tony and Alan every day he would challenge them to the max and he was one of the only clients at the time who would challenge the trainers and put up impressive numbers. He’d come in happy every day and never had a negative attitude towards things. He just knew he had to get it done. Well him and his awesome wife had to move and had to stop training with us recently but we still keep in touch and he’s still on a mission to get that body and lifestyle he was shooting for.

I just want to say I’m extremely proud of him and his accomplishments. I’m glad he joined the No Limit family. Even though he moved and is no longer with us, he’ll always be a part of  No Limit.

Check out his story below…

jared pan testimonial

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  • Susie says:

    I can most definitely relate to this story. I came to No Limit because I was tired of feeling self conscious about myself. My ex boyfriend would constantly degrade me verbally so it stuck in my head even years after that I was still “fat and ugly”. My first few weeks were HARD. I’d go home and nap for 2-3 hours after each workout. My body ached but I stuck to my 5AM workouts with Tony. He pushed me every single workout and showed that he truly believed in me. Alan was great too; we trained for a while as well. Either way I was constantly pushed and never told I couldn’t do something. As my body began to transform so did my spirit. I began to feel so much happier and motivated to push myself daily. Now, over a year later I am down 38 pounds, 3 sizes, and 16% body fat. I will never forget the way Tony and all of the other staff at No Limit have helped me completely transform my life.

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