Programs Versus Workouts

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At No Limit Personal Training, you may hear our coaches talk about designing “training programs” rather than just “workouts.” But what’s the difference? It’s simple really.

A training program is designed based on your individual goal. During our initial consultation, that is one of the very first things we ask you (why are you here and what can we do to help?), in addition to your training and injury history. Once we nail down your goal (let’s call that Point B), we then take you through our assessment process to establish a baseline (we’ll call that your Point A). Us coaches then sit down, take the information gathered from your consultation, assessment, and trial workout, and come up with an individualized training PROGRAM based on your unique goals, history, and personal preferences. This program is made up of individual WORKOUTS, which aren’t designed at random either. Instead, they are designed to PROGRESS you from Point A (where you are right now) to Point B (where you want to go). On their own, the workouts don’t mean a whole lot, but when combined together, form the basis of a properly structured progressive training program designed with YOU, the client, at the heart of it. Along the way, our coaches provide not only advice and education, but also support and accountability, to ensure that your every need is not only being met but exceeded.

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