Richard Shares His Fitness Journey

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Like many that now make exercise, good diet, and fitness part of their everyday life, I grew up a bit chubby and overweight. I had played sports in high school, but the steady march of the pounds culminated in college with me weighing in at just over 200 pounds.

“Over a period of 9 months, I shed 60 pounds of fat”

When I turned 23, I decided enough was enough. I joined a gym, purchased a package with a personal trainer, and got to work. Over a period of 9 months, I shed 60 pounds of fat and added close to 20 pounds of muscle. I had never felt so great. But then life took over, and 4 cities later and a decade later, I found myself at another fitness crossroad. At 34, I was active with cycling, golf, and other activities, but was not at the level that I was happy with, and so, after moving to Anaheim Hills, I began to look for a gym nearby that would align with my fitness goals.

I found a new home with No Limit. I started out in the 530 boot camp and I was instantly hooked – sweating and working hard with 30 other motivated fitness buffs was addictive! I wanted to get my training to the next level by having dedicated personal training; I had watched several of the personal trainers while attending boot camp and could see that they were getting RESULTS.

Sako met with me to understand my fitness goals, and my desire to gain muscle and lose fat, and paired me up with Alex. Alex has been an outstanding trainer; listening to my goals, developing a customized training plan to help me reach my goals, motivating me to stay on track, giving me tips on how to improve my dieting, and generally being a super positive influence in my fitness journey. Everyone has “off” days – when you’re just not feeling 100%, or you just can’t get that extra rep. Alex has helped me push past those plateaus and more. I’m really grateful for his help and continued motivation.

“I’ve gained 5 pounds of muscle while cutting my fat percentage by over 3%”

Joining No Limit has made a difference in my overall fitness level and has made me a better cyclist. Over the past 8 months, I’ve gained 5 pounds of muscle while cutting my fat percentage by over 3%. I’m excited about my gains and the progress I’ll continue to make with Alex and the No Limit team. I encourage other people who are interested in investing in themselves and their health to give No Limit a try. Between Boot Camp and the team of trainers with different styles and approaches – if you are willing to sweat, you are sure to get results

Richard has also crushed some big goals in the weight room as well. At around 165 lbs he is squatting 285 lbs for 10 reps, benching 225 for 8 reps and deadlifting 405 lbs for 10 reps. That’s incredible!

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