Roni Tharp Shares Her Story

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I have been a personal training client of Sako’s; I believe for 11 years, even prior to him opening No Limit. When he started the boot camps in the park, I did that as well for quite a long time. Most recently, I am now doing personal training with Jeff.

I started coming to the gym right after my dad passed away. My thought was, I needed to be healthier, stronger, and try to lose weight. That first 30 days were so hard as I remember it. I left the gym thinking I wouldn’t be back. Fortunately for me, I had a lot of encouragement along the way to keep at it. Today, coming to the gym is just a habit. It releases my stress and energizes me.

Even when I am tired I always feel better coming instead of skipping. I schedule the gym like it is an appointment at work and I don’t miss.

Even though I have created a habit of going to the gym my biggest challenge is my eating. I usually start off good by packing and preparing my breakfast and lunch, but along the way, especially at work, I go astray. Sleep is another big challenge during the week. At least now I recognize when I am tired and that awareness makes it so I really put in the work to eat well and stay generally active during the day. I work at making one habit at a time. I pack my lunch, the next step will be to track what I am eating so I can make the necessary changes.

My No Limit coaches Sako & Jeff continue to inspire and coach me to make better choices for my health and happiness


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