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My workout routine before No Limit was basically 1 or 2 days per week of racquetball or tennis…..and that too was not consistent every week. Eating habits were not the smartest or disciplined. Last 10 years have seen the scale needle go up every year and I could feel the sluggishness creep in. It had gotten to a point where it was very easy to convenience myself that I am very busy and will get to a healthy routine when time permits.

I was up to 220 lbs at this point……….more than I have ever weighed in my life!


In December of 2014, a very good friend of mine challenged me to a 4-month weight loss challenge…..just an informal challenge with a sushi dinner as the prize. I took the challenge without too much thought in that decision. But this challenge was probably the biggest motivator for me to get my act together!  I have always had a regular gym membership for the past 15 years that I have barely used. Normal gym routines, walking, jogging, treadmill, etc bore me and do not motivate me. Going to gym was a chore, rather than a fun experience. Playing tennis or racquetball was always subject to someone else’s availability.  So I started looking at other options.  I was reading up on different workout options and there were a lot of topics on “boot camp” or “crossift”, etc.  These workouts looked pretty intense and grueling from all the promos and caught my attention.

My wife bought a month of No Limit membership from Groupon and I started the workouts.  And boy, was I sore the first day!! It felt like going through a washer and dryer!  My body was so sore and in so many places that I could barely move the next day and the next. This was the worst week of my life!

Two thoughts became clear that at that point:

1. I was in the worst shape of my life.

2. I will do what it takes to get in shape.


The first month at No Limit was enough to understand that this was a place with the most helpful staff and trainers. Everyone was very supportive and encouraging. Special shout out to Jeff, who was my first trainer and made the whole process very motivating.  I was fairly sure that this was the workout regimen that I could stick to and be consistent with.  Now I am a regular at No Limit and try to get in 5 days a week.

My ultimate goal is to adapt a healthy lifestyle that I could sustain for the rest of my life.  I love to eat and drink so any specific diets are sure to fail. I now watch what I eat during the weekdays and give myself some leeway during the weekends.

Thanks to No Limit, I dropped 35 lbs and 3 pant sizes!  My energy level is up and I feel great.



No Limit is a place where you can really achieve your goals and make it a fun experience at the same time.  Thanks to the entire NO LIMIT team!



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