Scott Shares Inspirational Story

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I just want to say, this man is amazing! His action alone is truly inspiring.

With difficulty walking he walks about 2 miles 3 days per week with his cane to get to No Limit. This man has been through hell and has faced many challenges in his life but still he rises above and keeps moving forward. I’ve not once heard him complain about his life, struggles or anything. His attitude is amazing, one of the most positive people in our program.

He inspires me every time he’s in here, it’s crazy how much he’s accomplished with very little on his side. Scott, I’m so glad you’re a part of the No Limit family, you have more of an impact on our lives than you know 🙂




Here’s Scott below, sharing his story…

While driving up the mountain, my tires lost traction on the icy road; my car began a rapid, uncontrollable, diagonal slide; and my eyes began seeing images I knew could not exist. Suddenly, everything went dark as my eyes abruptly transitioned from seeing strange images to seeing nothing. A few seconds later, my car slammed into something that ended the uncontrollable descent. Since nobody came to check on me, I assumed the driver of the other vehicle died in the collision. I was scared, worried, concerned, and blind.


When my eyesight “returned” a few minutes later, I confirmed my car hit a curb rather than another vehicle, and I continued the road trip from California to Minnesota where I was living at the time. My two roommates noticed something was wrong – my eyes could not focus on objects, my hands could not find direct paths to things I wanted to touch, and my legs carried me forward in erratic patterns – so they suggested I meet with a doctor.

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During the appointment, the doctor scheduled a next-day MRI for me. The morning after my MRI, the doctor, rather than a nurse or aide, asked me to come to her office with a family member. My parents and brother were approximately 1,500 miles away, so one of my roommates accompanied me to the office visit.

The only words I remember hearing during the visit were “brain tumor,”  “cancer,” and “brain surgery.” Discovery of my tumor sent me on a journey through brain surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, spinal taps, blood draws, injections, CAT scans, X-rays, MRI scans, loss of appetite, significant weight gain, fatigue, muscle atrophy, dizziness, vomiting, insurance paperwork, government forms, and ineffective medicine. Immediately after surgery, I had difficulty eating, drinking, thinking, walking, and talking. I forgot the names of produce, people, and places. Social customs no longer existed. Speech, visual, physical, cognitive, and occupational therapies were essential.

Several years have passed since my surgeries, but I still experience memory loss, balance issues, poor vision, and fatigue. Now, I can also add hearing loss. In spite of the lengthy and ongoing recovery process, I feel strongly that the benefits of cancer and brain injury greatly outweigh the detriments. I spend most of my waking hours exercising, challenging my brain, volunteering, blogging (, and speaking to audiences about the gifts of adversity.

When I first visited No Limit on 7/10/2013, I was not certain I had the strength, stability, or endurance to benefit from exercise. Thankfully, I quickly realized assistance and encouragement from the No Limit family of trainers, staff, and members would help me overcome challenges and surpass personal goals.  According to the measurements taken by No Limit trainers, I lost weight, gained strength, built muscle, and improved balance in less than one year. Although confidence cannot be easily measured, l now feel confident being around people who have not experienced cancer, brain injury, balance issues, visual impairments, hearing loss, or any of my other medical challenges. Most importantly, I feel I joined a family not a gym.

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