Simple (fast digesting) Carbs

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This chart offers a choice of fast-digesting carbs, ideal for post workout insulin boosts. Pay attention to the carb content column to make sure you’re eating enough servings to satisfy your carb needs at that critical time.

Sorbet (1 cup)

Carbs: 40g

Speed note: Buy sorbet, not sherbet, which contains fat. True sorbet is fat free, which means no fat will slow the carb digestion.

Jelly Beans (35)

Carbs: 35g

Fat-free candy is dandy immediately after workouts.

Lemonade (1 cup)

Organic lemonade will contain sugar (or evaporated cane juice), offering more glucose and less fructose than lemonade made with high fructose corn syrup.

White bread (2 slices)

Carbs: 26 g

Speed note: Add jelly and wash down with a post work out protein shake.

Angel food cake (1 large slice, no icing)

Carbs: 32 g

Speed note: Have your cake and eat it too, immediately after workouts,- angel food is one of the few fat free cakes you can find.

Gatorade (20 oz)

Carbs: 35 g

Speed note: Is it in you? It should be immediately after workouts. Some flavors work well with protein powder ( try orange Gatorade with vanilla protein powder)

White Rice (1 cup)

Carbs: 45g

Speed note: Forget your post workout shake and carbs? Make a quick stop at your local sushi joint and get some tuna sushi.

Baked Potato (1 medium)

Carbs: 37g

Speed note: Most white potatoes digest almost as fast as sugar.

Cream of wheat (1 packet instant)

Carbs: 22g

Speed note: This fast digesting breakfast staple is good when mixed with fruit.

Cantaloupe (1 medium)

Carbs: 45g

Speed note: It’s a fruit but its fast digesting-reserve this one for post workout.

Watermelon (1 cup sliced)

Carbs:  11g

Speed note: Also an extremely fast digesting fruit- more so even than cantaloupe. Post workout only.

Rice Krispies (1 cup)

Carbs: 24g

Speed note: This fast digesting cereal makes a great post workout snack when eaten with skim milk and with whey added to it.

Couscous (1 cup cooked)

Carbs: 36g

Speed note: It may look like a whole grain, but couscous is actually made out of semolina flour- the same fast digesting stuff that pasta is made of.

Bagel (1 medium)

Carbs: 56g

Speed note: Like white bread, plain bagels are great after workouts. Mass gainers can eat them for breakfast, as long as they add low-sugar fruit spread.

Popcorn (3 cups popped)

Carbs: 19g

Speed note: Don’t use butter on your popcorn-fat slows carb digestion.

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