The REAL Reasons Why We Should Workout and Live Healthier Lifestyles

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There are two main reasons that most people in the fitness industry use to help motivate and recruit clients.

  1. Looking good
  2. Medical scare tactics


Those reasons are ok, however, they aren’t the real reason why you should be taking care of your body. After all, it is the only one you are going to have. 

Here are 5 REAL REASONS why you should take charge of your life and live a healthier lifestyle


  1. Your joints will thank you: Osteoarthritis is a condition that effects everyone. It basically deteriorates the cartilage in between your bones over time. Typically it is seen among elderly and obese individuals. A lot of people tend to think that in the case of someone that is obese that it is the heavy amount of weight that is bearing down on their joints that is causing the issue of joint pain and osteoarthritis; this is true, however, there is also a direct relationship between excess fatty tissue and inflammation.  In the end your ability to move and function without chronic pain will be well worth the change.
  2. You will sleep better than ever: There is this thing called sleep. We all love it. We sometimes miss out on feeling refreshed after a good night of deep REM sleep. One reason why you may not be sleeping very well could be a condition called Sleep Apnea. Sleep apnea can occur when there is too much fat in your airways making it harder for you to breath. Having all of that weight in your upper body will also put a lot of pressure on your lungs.. The bad thing about having sleep apnea and not sleeping as much as you should is that you are restricting your body from metabolizing and regulating your hormone levels. The lack of sleep can catch up to you and cause rapid cell aging and increase risk of chronic diseases like heart disease. The bottom line is that sleeping better will make you feel, think, and live better.
  3. You will actually be able to taste what you are eating: Not really sure why but overweight people tend to lose their taste for food. There is no definitive answer why, but that’s just the way it is. Overweight individuals also tend to eat their food for the reward factor and will eat until satisfaction is achieved. Usually this is rapid and tummy’s will fill faster than the receptors in your brain say, ‘ok, you are satisfied’. Which means that they have just eaten more than was necessary. By slowing down and using a portion control method, you can learn to really enjoy the foods you are eating while losing weight. Furthermore, overweight folks shy away from bitter foods and steer more towards high fat or sweet foods. Can you guess which foods tend to be bitter? VEGETABLES! By losing weight, one can actually start to crave the crisp freshness of a veggie over a chocolate glazed donut. This will in turn, help you lose even more weight! The taste of a carrot will taste different than it ever did. Who knew that carrots can be enjoyable?
  4. Your immune system will work properly again:  For the sake of dropping too much science on you I will give you the basics. Like all things in life, balance is important. If we have a healthy amount of fat then our hormones are working properly. If we have too much, things will get all out of wack. Including our immune system. So, healthier lifestyle and less body fat means less of a risk of catching a cold, the flu, infections, and an overall healthier lifestyle.
  5. You will survive major surgeries and childbirth: People with a lot of body fat have a higher risk of infection, popping the stitches or stables open after closure, and have a longer operation time. These are just a few of the long list of complications with surgeries. Now with labor and delivery, C-sections are higher among individuals that are obese; This then goes into a higher risk for op and post-op complications. If the individual does have the option to pass the c-section and is able to have the baby vaginally, more often than not, more tools are needed to assist in the labor. These tools can leave behind some wounds that would need to either be stitched or healed on their own. Again, increasing risk for infection. By lowering ones body fat, surgeries and childbirth can be less complicated and won’t put the person at a high risk. 


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