There’s No Secret to Success

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I’ve never had a problem making time for the gym although in the last year or so it seems I was just going through the motions. I had even stopped wearing my FitbitL. My biggest challenge was my eating habits.

After being sick and tired of feeling out of shape and certainly looking it too, I knew what I had to do but didn’t think I could do it without the support and of course motivation.

After coming up with a plan that I knew would motivate me, I went to Sako for the support. He gladly agreed. I decided a more flexible approach to eating based around personal preference would work best for me, so he set up some time for me to meet with Jeff.

After meeting with Jeff I knew I had the support and knowledge I needed to move forward. I started my 8-week challenge with the confidence and positive mind that was needed to reach my goal.

This time I was only competing with myself and completely focused on my goal.

I had done challenges before but this one was very different. This time I was only competing with myself and completely focused on my goal. With that in mind, I decided that I would be very strict and diligent with everything I consumed. I kept my menu very basic and simple, this allowed me to get more bang for my buck as I took advantage of every single calorie (I was never hungry) and this also helped with grocery shopping and meal prep. This kept my adherence to the plan very high! I only had 2 untracked meals (not days) during the entire 8 weeks, which is amazing for me!

I kept my workout regimen simple too, I was active every day. I worked out at No Limit every day except Fridays, but even then, I made sure I just stayed active.

Getting fit and eating mindfully is all I did and nothing more. I didn’t overcomplicate things like change my diet on workout versus non-workout days, no tricks, no detoxes/cleanses, no extravagant supplements, just good old-fashioned move more and eat better, which included making small reductions to each meal to create the necessary calorie deficit to lose body fat.

“Trust the process” is what Sako kept telling me.

Doing this challenge, I’ve learned to be patient, one pound at a time, sometimes one ounce at a time. I knew if I wanted to change it was going to take time and consistency. “Trust the process” is what Sako kept telling me.

One of the most important things I learned from this experience is that this is NOT a sustainable process and shouldn’t be treated as such, and once I have achieved my desired weight/physique, I can keep the weight off for good simply by eating for my new bodyweight, which IS sustainable. I honestly didn’t have that knowledge or know how before this!!

My 8 weeks has come to end but the journey continues…..

THANK YOU, No Limit team for all your support!

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