Tricia Dillard Shares Her Story

By March 4, 2018No Comments

This is Tricia. She has the perfect definition for the word “fitness.” When you ask her, she’ll tell you,

“Fitness is all about doing what you love, in the places that you love,

with the people that you love.”

Tricia knows fitness doesn’t have to be confined to doing one thing just because the “interwebz” or some expert says it’s all the rage and the ONLY way to get results. At any one time, Tricia could be lifting heavy weights in personal training, like she does twice per week because she knows how beneficial it is to be strong. She could be enjoying a challenging group training class at 5:30 am because she loves the camaraderie. She might be pedaling hard at a cycle class with friends because she understands the importance of cardiovascular exercise. She might even be trying out a yoga class for the first time because she travels a lot for work and it helps her unwind from the stress of the week. Or if the mood strikes her, she might just walk out her front door to go for a nice long run because it’s 75 degrees in winter in Southern California and she knows being outside is simply good for the soul.

Whatever she’s in the mood for, she does, and she has a name for this:

“Fitness A La Carte.”

And if you ask me, it’s gotten her some pretty excellent results. In today’s society, especially with social media, there is so much conflict over WHO’S RIGHT, we can sometimes lose sight over WHAT’S BEST for us. Tricia isn’t bothered by that. You should be more like Tricia.

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