What are the Healthiest Fast Foods?

By June 24, 20102 Comments

Because of work, traveling, or a busy lifestyle, sometimes fast food is just unavoidable. Of course, if you are trying to stay in shape, eating fast food can be counter productive to say the very least. So, which fast food restaurants are the best when considering your health?

Recent studies have concluded that Panera Bread and Subway are the two top fast food restaurants in terms of healthy eating. Starting with Panera Bread, the soup and sandwich options include many good meats and vegetables. And Subway is hard to beat when you are looking for fast and healthy since they offer 7 sandwiches with less than 6 grams of fat.

However, it is important to note that it’s not just about which fast food places you eat at, but what you order there. There are unhealthy options at every place. For example, Panera Bread has sticky buns and cheese danishes, and the sandwich topping options both there and at Subway can also be unhealthy.

Even places like Wendy’s and McDonald’s have good choices, such as their salads (with no dressing) and chicken sandwiches. This means that it is necessary to not only watch where you eat, but what you eat, and make good decisions.

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