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What Are the Top Fat Burning Foods?

By January 22, 2010One Comment

Exercise is critical in burning calories and losing weight, but as the saying goes, you are definitely what you eat! So, why not eat foods that encourage the fat burning process? Along with regular exercise, there are certain fruits, dairy products, and spices that increase your metabolism, which in turn, makes it a lot easier to lose weight and keep it off. Here is the list!

Low-fat milk, yogurt, and cheese are all excellent at delivering the much needed protein and calcium that builds muscle and inspires weight loss. And there is nothing better than enjoying some fruit with your dairy products, such as bananas and oranges, which help your body regulate its water through potassium. In fact, citrus fruits, including lemons, limes, and grapefruits, all have a high Vitamin C content to reduce cholesterol and quickly remove fat.

Try some apples and berries to take advantage of their large amounts of pectin that binds water and limits the fat absorbed by your body. For a truly lasting effect, spice things up with a little cayenne pepper combined with your choice of a lean protein. Even for hours after it is eaten, this powerful duo raises the heart rate as well as metabolism, and improves cholesterol. Additional fat-burning spices include cinnamon and ginger, as they both metabolize up to 20% faster.

Hopefully, all of this talk about food is making you hungry. Now that you know which foods to enjoy without feeling guilty, eat and be happy!

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