Who Says Snacking Isn’t Healthy?

By February 23, 2010No Comments

One of the most common mistakes a person can make is skipping breakfast or other meals when trying to lose weight. Your body needs to have a steady and consistent metabolism throughout the day in order to work efficiently. In short, this means that eating several smaller meals, instead of one or two big ones, will burn calories at a faster pace and in a healthier way. This is where snacking comes in!

Many foods are a great way to keep your body’s metabolism up and your hunger down, including fruits. Bananas are easy to digest (and prepare) and they have potassium as well as Vitamin B, plus carbohydrates to give you energy, while cantaloupes will provide Vitamin C. Vegetables also make excellent snacks, since a single carrot will fulfill your daily requirement for Vitamin A, and broccoli contains Vitamin A, C, and calcium.

Besides fruits and vegetables, you can add bran muffins (for fiber) to your list of healthy snacks. Tuna is another good source for Vitamin B12, and a big favorite is string cheese, which has 25% of the recommended calcium for the day.

And last, but certainly not least, is delicious non-fat or low-fat yogurt, loaded with nutrients that are essential in building strong bones. So, if your body is trying to tell you something, listen to it, and never allow yourself to go for long periods of time without eating. Plus, now you have a really good excuse to snack!

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