Yorba Linda Boot Camp Gives You The Pros and Cons to Caffeine

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Caffeine is probably the most universal way that most people start their day, whether it’s in the form of coffee, tea, or even a cola. While this stimulant is known for the energy boost it possesses, there are other advantages, as well as disadvantages to consider before consuming this supplement.


     Available in more forms and flavors.

       Improves awareness through increased blood flow to the brain.

       Encourages weight loss by quickening metabolism and keeping your hunger in check.

       Can advance physical performance for extended lengths of time, possibly for activities such as biking, running or swimming.

          Helps prevent diabetes by burning sugar and fat more efficiently, as well as containing useful antioxidants and minerals.

         Treats headaches by helping to compress blood vessels.

         Reduces muscle soreness through the release of endorphins and hormones.


      For people with heart conditions caffeine can increase blood pressure

        Can amplify anxiety

         Caffeine is a diuretic and can cause dehydration

      Can disrupt sleep patterns depending on intake and when ingested

       Can cause cramping and possibly diarrhea

      Some people can experience caffeine withdrawals if they have caffeine often and then stop, can even make you irritable

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