Yorba Linda Boot Camp Talks How To Avoid the Weekend Messing With Your Diet Flow

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It is always good when dieting to give yourself a cheat day or a cheat meal so you don’t find yourself on junk food binge. Weekends seem to be a hard time for most people to stay consistent with their diets; here are some help strategies to help you muscle through those weekend wreckers.

Messing with your Flow: HAPPY HOUR with drinks and bar food you can put away at least 1,000 calories. Alcohol has a tendency to increase our appetites and lowers our self control and we end up eating whatever is in front of us without a second thought.

SOLUTION: Put a limit on the number of drinks you can have and then make sure to keep at lime or bottle cap from the drink to serve as a reminder of how many you have had. When it comes to the food try to sit in a booth or table away from the kitchen so you cannot smell the greasy amazingness of every dish that passes your table; order on the lighter side for example a shrimp cocktail or share a light cheese pizza.

Messing with your Flow: SLEEPING IN although sleeping in is a great pass time that I am sure we all love to take advantage of at one time or another, this is horrible for your metabolism; and sometimes we over do brunch or lunch because we are trying to make up for missing breakfast.

SOLUTION: Whatever time you decide to join the rest of the world ;D, make sure you eat something this will jump start your metabolism. Add in some caffeine, whether it is coffee or tea (black or green) it helps increase your calorie burn, last but not least finish with something sweet, YES, something sweet! This may help you lose weight and keep it off and possibly by lowering levels of a hormone that affects your hunger, help to prevent future cravings.

Messing with your Flow: COOKING IS NOT AN OPTION TODAY eating out can add approximately 144 calories to you daily intake. Of course this occurs more often on the weekends, it’s almost unavoidable.

SOLUTION: Order soup or a salad, make sure the soup is broth based and not cream and for the salad ask for the dressing on the side. This will help you eat less of the main dish that you end up ordering. If you prefer to eat out, keep menus from food place you like that are on the healthier side.

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