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Evaluate & Clarify Your Specific Health Goals

Evaluate Your Current State of Health

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We will support you every step of the way until your fitness goals become your reality!

No Limit Personal Training

980 S Vía Rodeo Placentia, CA 92870

No Limit Gym Location

980 S Vía Rodeo Placentia, CA 92870

What makes our personal training program different than other gyms?

Our programs are fun and engaging. We combine strength and conditioning movements with the benefits of expert coaching and a motivational atmosphere. We are the complete package!

  • Coaches that genuinely care about your success.
  • Workouts that lead to lasting change. We have a WHY for everything we do.
  • Committed to leaving you better off than you were before.
  • Community of amazing members to support you along the way.
  • We keep it fun!

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Live Longer – Be Stronger.

Looking for Personal Training? Join the #NoLimitFamily. We help people just like you in Yorba Linda, Placentia or surrounding areas to build muscle, lose fat, and improve your quality of life.

Fitness programs at No Limit PT

No Limit Personal Training in Placentia (Near Yorba Linda)

Our Gym’s Mission

Your fitness is unique to you and we understand everyone has individual goals. This is why our personal trainers take the time to truly get to know you. We create an environment and personal training program where all bodies can move, strengthen, heal, and thrive – regardless of your fitness level, ability, or limitations. Our certified personal trainers will create a customized program to fit YOUR needs as they motivate you and hold you accountable to reach your goals, meet them, and set new ones.

Live Longer – Be Stronger.

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