4 Years Later Debbie is Still Going Strong


I’ve been at No Limit 4 years now, and man does time fly! I couldn’t imagine where I’d be today without Sako and all the coaches there. Growing up, I was always good at working out and being active, but taking it to the next level at No Limit was the best choice I ever made for myself! I was feeling good mentally, physically, and was actually confident in myself and how I was looking!

My biggest issue was snacking and mindless eating.

Although I was active and a dedicated 5:30 am group training client, my biggest issue was snacking and mindless eating. Working out in the morning? Easy! My downfall came after. I was eating the food I prepped and brought to work; however, during those slow times, I used to grab a handful of nuts here and there. Nuts, they’re healthy right?! Come nighttime – that little part of me that wants chocolate takes over…and it repeats the next day. I also believed many false statements about the nutritional world, some of which include: eating carbs past 5 pm was bad for you, drinking crazy amounts of water was the way to lose weight, and that eating fruits was unthinkable if you wanted to lose weight.

One morning at group training, I heard some members expressing excitement over losing weight/body fat after their nutrition consultation. I quickly asked them, “How can I get in on that?!”

After meeting with Jeff in early June, he clarified everything up for me. What I thought was going to be a quick short consultation turned into one lengthy (super informative) session! Not even 2 seconds after leaving that morning, I was inspired and motivated to follow his instructions and polish up my eating habits immediately. Some of the main highlights from my consultation: I could eat carbs after 5 pm! Banning fruits from my diet? What a crazy aspect!! Eating carbs and/or fruit, no matter what time is NOT bad for you! He helped me develop an eating schedule that worked with my day so I wouldn’t be hungry (and resort to snacking), and he helped me calculate my calories and macros so I knew how much fat/protein/carbs I can eat and still make progress. He taught me what flexible dieting is all about – if I wanted to treat myself every so often, I could do that and still see results!

Since June, I have lost over 10 lbs and I’m currently sitting at my lowest weight in over 15 years!

Since June, I have lost over 10 lbs and I’m currently sitting at my lowest weight in over 15 years! I was always hovering in the +/- 5 lb range, I could never break through that barrier. But since that consultation, I was able to blow past that number! It wasn’t just the number I was excited about, it was seeing the results and my hard work comes to fruition. I recently came back from a 7-day vacation to Greece, and before my consultation – I was nervous. I knew I wanted to enjoy the culture and the foods, but I was scared that all my hard work would be thrown out the door and I’d come back round and proud. On the contrary, I had zero worries from beginning to end! I enjoyed my vacation without a care in the world and indulged in the goodies they are known for. I knew I had the tools and mindset so when I came back – I would get back on track and do what I’ve been doing!

My biggest take away from that consultation is that good nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated in order for it to work.

Thanks to my consultation and the No Limit Nutrition Handbook, I’m much closer to my goals, yet my journey is still far from over. My biggest take away from that consultation is that good nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated in order for it to work. The process may not be easy, especially developing those habits, but it CAN be simple and straightforward! No matter where you are in life, whether you just started getting healthy or if you’ve been doing it for some time like I have, you can always reach out and ask for help! If you’re looking at cleaning up those eating habits and wanting a plan that is perfect for you and easy to follow, I’d highly recommend scheduling a nutrition consultation in a heartbeat!!

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