8 Reasons Why Lipo Sucks in Orange County


It Can Give Your Body an Abnormal Appearance: The point of getting rid of fat is to give your body a toned and symmetrical appearance. The problem with lipo is it can make your body look lumpy and unnatural.

Eating right and working out burns away fat at a natural and even pace. Lipo involves a medical rod being jammed into your body. The rod is then aggressively pulled back and forth. Not only can this unnatural event give your skin an uneven appearance, but healing difficulties can also result in visual side effects.

May Lead to Numbness: Your hips and stomach both play a significant role during intimate situations. Feeling someone’s touch in either area is a pleasurable experience. Lipo can rob you of this sensation by causing numbness. While the numbness is temporary in some cases, others are permanent.

Doesn’t Make You Healthier: Eating right and working out isn’t only about looking better. It’s also about creating a healthier body that allows you to get more out of a longer life. Lipo doesn’t improve your cardiovascular system or raise your metabolism when it strips away fat.

Can Create Pockets of Fluid: Lipo may lead to pockets of fluid accumulating under your skin. Fixing this problem requires a doctor puncturing your skin with a needle to drain the pockets.

You Don’t Want an Infection: Infections caused by lipo aren’t common. However, they do happen. What’e even worse is serious infections caused by lipo can be life-threatening.

Infections Aren’t the Only Potentially Life-Threatening Side Effect: Another uncommon but potential side effect of lipo is a punctured organ. It’s not difficult to understand why having a hole poked in your intestine is a very serious situation.

Lipo can also lead to a fat embolism. This condition can become life-threatening if the embolism starts to affect the brain or lungs. Lipo can also put your heart and kidney at risk as a result of shifting fluid levels in your body.

You Don’t Want to Hit the Beach with Scars: Celebrating a weight loss milestone by buying a new swimsuit and hitting the beach feels incredible. The problem with lipo is it can leave behind scars. While lipo scars usually fade with time, this process can take over a year.

It’s a Band-Aid on a Bullet Wound: Being overweight is the result of leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Most people have lived this way for quite some time. Changing their patterns requires a conscious decision to lead a healthier life so they can reap its benefits.

Lipo doesn’t require a conscious change. All it requires is money and a plastic surgeon. The problem with this approach is there’s nothing stopping you from gaining back the fat that’s sucked out of your body. A recent University of Colorado study showed all the fat removed by liposuction can be regained in as little as one year!

If you want permanent weight loss, lipo is obviously not the answer. If you want lasting results take a look at our personal training in Orange County and see real people with real results.

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