No Limit Client Proves That Age Is Just A Number


Craig L 4



Ridiculous work ethic.


Just a few words I think about when No Limit client Craig comes to mind. 

70 years old and this man is crushing it. No complaining about aches or pains, no excuses. His work ethic is incredible. He’s in the gym at least 4 days a week putting in work. He’s living, breathing proof that age is just a number!

He also believes age is just a number because you can catch him in the gym with his bose headphones on with Lil Wayne playing.

Enough of me talking about him, here’s Craig with his story.  

Craig L

Here is Craig…

After my trainer moved up to LA, I took a break from training but that never lasts long

Having belonged to traditional gyms all my life and having worked out with very knowledgeable trainers over the years I started looking for a new home about a year and a half ago – That’s when I found Sako at No Limit and Richard Lopez who would become my trainer and friend.  Research and word of mouth will tell you if you want to experience a supportive workout environment where everyone is pulling for your success – this is your destination!  Sako, the owner, has created a terrific environment where the clients are the asset and the great trainers are there to provide each person (depending their own individual goals) the very best information available in the fitness industry – The rest as they say is “up to you”! Consistency!!

Craig L 1

Richard comes with over 30 years hardcore experience from body building, to extensive work in physical therapy to being avid cyclist, to nutrition.  – He knows the body – he knows what and how of the time spent training, and the time spent resting.

Craig L 2

Having worked with many well-known professional trainers, I can honestly say that because of Richards’s background and approach he not only is the most complete, but he is the most patient!

Time is not wasted, it’s fun, and when my session is over for the hour, I know in my heart Richard has given me his best, and I have done the best of my ability; it’s a great feeling.

Go Richard, Go Sako, Go no limit!!!

Craig Ludwin

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