Orange County Personal Trainers Sunday Spotlight


It’s my favorite time…Time to show off another all star client and their amazing story 🙂

This week my pick is April Burt. First off, she’s the sweetest, most humble person. She will do anything the trainer throws at her, never cuts corners and will even bring her kid with her to boot camp because she doesn’t want to miss. THAT’S DEDICATION! I’m proud to have someone like April in our program 🙂

Here is her sharing her story with you below…


Life before Boot camp

I went to the gym all the time but only to classes.  I am only motivated by someone standing in front of me, telling me what to do, so classes worked BUT classes at the gym NEVER change and therefore after several years I was achieving no results at all, so thought I would join No Limit and see what would happen.  I was only going to stay for 30 days, to give me a boost and loved it so much I had to stay!  After going to Boot camp for about 3 months, I quit the gym. I found that No Limit provided me with everything I needed to reach my goals.


Experience at No Limit

My experience at boot camp has been nothing but positive.  It’s challenging, rewarding, self esteem building and the work out is different every time (I get bored really fast!)  Everyone at No Limit is so friendly, staff and other clients.  I love the trainers and feel they are well balanced.  They push you but they aren’t intimidating.  They are approachable, knowledgeable, encouraging, professional and friendly.

“My experience at boot camp has been nothing but positive. “

Life is GOOD!

My life has improved in many ways.  .  My self esteem has greatly improved, not so much because of the weight loss but I feel better inside knowing that I am doing something that will prolong my life.  At first I felt “old” next to all the young people, and often couldn’t keep up, but I am very determined and have seen a lot of improvement.  I am not a runner but last November I did a 10K and didn’t think I could run an entire mile but ran the entire 6 miles without stopping!  That was a huge self-esteem builder!  Also I really like the fact that I am setting a healthy example for my children by being committed to improving my health.  I am a single mother of 3 and this is my outlet….boot camp makes me very happy, it’s my refuge, my outlet, my time to do something for myself.  This gives me balance in my life.

 “After going to Boot camp for about 3 months, I quit the gym. I found that No Limit provided me with everything I needed to reach my goals.


I have lost 10 lbs (it took several months to see the weight loss), several inches (this happened quicker – I was a size 7 and am now a size 2), and my body is much toner.  I know this is the healthiest I have ever been and being patient with myself and the process is key.  My eating has improved and I drink a lot of water, so my skin is much clearer.  I have not been sick one time since I started boot camp last July…so means my outsides and insides are healthier!!  I also have a lot more energy then I did before and my endurance has greatly improved.

I may not be where I want yet, but I’m not where I was 🙂


Well, there she is…April Burt, another No Limit all star! For our members, make sure you give her a high five next time you see her 🙂

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