Placentia Gym Lists Tips For Fat Loss


For everyone who’s goal is to drop body fat, inches or weight, here are some things you could be incorporating into your plan to accelerate your progress.

-Dinner can only be the following
chicken breast, filet mignon or sirloin, lean turkey, fish, protein shake, egg whites
Men-5-6 ounces Women-3-4 ounces
Along with that have as many green veggies as you want.
-Better snack choices, keep it simple
     -Quest bar (order from
     -Protein shake with 15 almonds (women 15-20 gym protein, men 30-40 gym protein)
     -Protein shake with small apple or 1/4 cup berries (women 15-20 gym protein, men 30-40 gym protein)
     -Hard boiled egg whites (women 2-4, men 6-8)
-Drink green tea or black coffee before workouts or 1-2 times per day
-Shoot for at least one gallon of water daily
-Load up on green veggies whenever I can to keep me full
-Avoid anything processed as much as possible!!! You should have to kill it or pick it to eat it
-Carbs should be oatmeal, berries, apples, quinoa and grapefruit
-Fats should consist of avocadoas, olive oil, coconut oil, omega 3, peanut butter or almond butter
-Cardio on empty stomach first thing in the morning followed by protein shake immediately after
-Workout for at least 30 minutes no less than 5 days per week
-Cut all your break times down and pick up heavier weight than you normally would
-Add cardio 1-2 times a week on top of normal training routine. I HATE cardio but adding it will help reach that goal. Feel free to join me!
-Instead of steady cardio do high intensity interval training.
-Optimum Nutrition Pro complex
-BSN Lean Dessert
-BNRG Proto whey
-Optimum nutrition 100%whey
-Super Nutrition Womens Blend
-NOW Eve
Green Tea Extract
Any Brand will work
take 1 serving with beast and lunch,  (dinner is optional)
Acetyl L Carnitine
-Now Acetyl L Carnitine
-other brands are fine look for 500mg serving
take 1000-1500 mg with breakfast and pre workout, or breakfast and lunch
-NOW Cla
-other brands are fine just no less than 800mg serving
take 1-2 servings per day with meals
Omega 3
-Now Omega 3
-Nordic Naturals omega 3
take 1 serving with breakfast, lunch or dinner

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