Darren Transforms His Body and Changes His Life


Before & After 2

In the past 8 weeks Darren dropped 14 lbs and 6.7% body fat while winning our body fat challenge and $500! He absolutely crushed it!

Before the 8 weeks, Darren has been on a journey with No Limit for quite some time and this man has been about nothing but results.

Congrats Darren on the new body, congrats on winning the challenge and dropping another 6.7% body fat. We’re excited to see what’s coming next. 


Check out his before pics on the left and him now on the right. Here is Darren below to share his story…

For most of my life I have been known as the “Big Guy”, not only because I’m over 6’2”, but that I have always struggled with my weight. With 3 boys (age 7 & under) and the usual stresses of work and life, I found myself overweight and struggling to keep up with my young boys at the end of every day.  In 2012 with my weight was at an all-time high of +265 lbs. and my fitness level at an all-time low, I knew then that I would have to change something if I wanted to be around for my kids; so I joined the Boot Camp @ No Limit.

“In 2012 with my weight was at an all-time high of +265 lbs. and my fitness level at an all-time low” 

The first day I walked into No Limit, Alan (you all remember him J) asked if I was ready and replied “I’ll never be ready…I’ve just got to do”.  He told me great attitude and told me to get on the ropes until everyone came back from their run.  After the 55 min workout I realized how out of shape/weak I really was.  I came in the next 5 days to try all of their classes and by the end of the week I was hooked.  In just that weeks’ time I lost a pound or two, was able to run a little farther and didn’t feel completely exhausted after 15 min.

Before & After 3

 I have lost over 75 lbs., lowered my body fat by 9.6%, reduced my waist by 8 inches!”

Jumping forward 3 years (present day) & I have lost over 75 lbs., lowered my body fat by 9.6%, reduced my waist by 8 inches! and my blood pressure is now in the normal range. Best part of all…I have the stamina to keep up with my kids, no matter what they want to do!!!  The workouts are challenging but not impossible. The trainers work with me to ensure I do each exercise correctly; maximizing my potential.  Of the 3 years at No Limit, I do not think I have ever done a Boot Camp routine twice. 

Sako & Team are constantly upgrading the programs/routine & equipment to maximize everyone’s potential so they can meet their personal goals.  Need any advice, have a question; ask any trainer as they are always there for you.  The team @ No Limit is not implementing a fly-by-night infomercial fat loss fad. They are the real deal and genuine people who care about you and make you feel like family.  I could go on and on about how wonderful the entire team is @ No Limit, but then you would probably stop reading this….

Wings For Life World Run 5.3.15

 “The past 8 weeks were challenging, but well worth the lifetime of success it put me on track for.”

What really helped push my numbers to maximum success was the 8 week challenge.  Sako literally handed me success in a handbook, yes in a handbook.  Over the 8 weeks I followed the plan 99.9% (no joke); followed the meal plan (meal prep is key), took my supplements, associated myself with people that supported my decision, worked out at Boot Camp and strength trained at Personal Training with HEAVY WEIGHTS.  This was my first time doing PT & I was lucky enough to be teamed up with Jeff Allen (FYI…dude will help you push & lift to your max potential at every workout) who helped me drop -6.7% BF while adding a few lbs. of muscle at the same time. The past 8 weeks were challenging, but well worth the lifetime of success it put me on track for.

“The first day I started I could barely run a lap around the building but today (5.3.15) I just ran over 13 miles in the Wings For Life World Run in under 2 hours.”


(Darren and his mom at the NL Thanksgiving Day Toys for Tots toy drive)

I never thought that I would EVER look forward to working out, but I now actually miss it on my days off.  I’m not going to say it’s an easy journey or lifestyle change to make; it does take hard work and dedication…but if you can promise The Team @ No Limit that, then the possibilities are endless.


When you see consistent progress like I have, how could you not want to come back each day…?  Now I’m just a healthy “Big Guy”, who can keep up with his kids without all the aches and pains.

-Darren Gross

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