Help Us Support Kim In Her Battle Against Cancer


Man, this shook me up just putting it together… But it must be done.

Recently we found out that a member of the No Limit family  for around 2 and a half years, Kim Whiting was diagnosed with  stage 2 rectal cancer and is N1-2 which means the cancer has affected one lymph node and is questionable in another.  It has penetrated her 3rd layer of muscle, called T-3.  The good news is that he is M-0, which means the cancer has NOT metastasized. The port catheter was put in her chest.


It hit me, for the first time in a long time it actually got me. At 5 feet tall weighing just over 100 lbs watching her push a sled with close to 400 lbs on it a few days after hearing about her cancer and immediately after completing the challenging sled, falling into the arms of her friends and workout partners Jen and Monee with nothing left. All three broke out in tears and stood there hugging each other. It was such a huge accomplishment and at the same time the most emotional moment I’ve had in that gym. It gave me the chills, and had a tear in my eye. I had to walk away, that’s when it hit me.


That was the last time in a long time she was going to workout with me and accomplish such great feats.

That was one of the last days in the gym with her good friends and workout partners for a long time.

One of the last 6 am workouts to look forward to. A part of my “A-TEAM” was gone.

It sucks, I played it cool at the gym but it’s hard to see someone accomplish so much working together and one day have it taken away. It hurts.

That was tough news to swallow, at first I thought nothing of it but as the days went on it became real. She now has around one year of treatment, between chemo, surgery and radiation and will have to completely change her lifestyle.

One of the healthiest, fittest, most active and hardest working people will now have to put everything on hold and start a new journey. Cancer sure doesn’t discriminate.


I’ve personally worked with Kim since January. She’s been part of my 3 all star clients, “THE A-TEAM” I train 3 times a week at 6 am. She would always come in with funky socks and full of energy, she would do anything I threw at her and man is she competitive! Every workout was a challenge and she would never back down. I’m going to miss that.

I know I never said it enough, and if you know me you know it takes a lot for me to give a compliment but when I do I genuinely mean it.

So Kim, if you’re reading this…I’m extremely proud of you, we’ve accomplished so much working together. I saw you consistently get better, and always work your butt off. You transformed and changed your life, I appreciate all the effort you put in, your attitude and more than anything I’m proud to be your trainer! Clients like you make us look good 🙂 I appreciate you, never forget that.

I’m writing this without her knowing, she might get upset at me but I don’t care because I consider her family, she’s part of the No Limit Family and we never leave anyone behind. As a whole I want us to come together and help her through this.

I’m confident Kim will crush this and be back with the family once it all passes, but we’re all in this together and we would really appreciate any help we can get.


She starts Chemotherapy next week and will be out of commission for a bit. Her husband and two boys will be there by her side throughout the process.

Here’s where I’m going to reach out and ask for your help. This one’s personal. I see her more than I see my own family, she’s in the gym 6 days a week!


I made a promise to myself and her good friend April as well that the No Limit team will do whatever we can to help and will be there if she needs anything. So we decided we’re going to do a fundraiser to help raise money for Kim while she goes through this process. Any donation is greatly appreciated, anyone is welcome to come. It will be October 19th and we will have workouts at 7,8,9 and 10am. The whole morning will be for her and 100% of the donations will help her during her fight against cancer. 


The goal is to raise this money to help her throughout so she can focus on recovery and not so much on finances to support her two boys and family along with her husband. With this one day we can all make a huge difference and help her tremendously with recovery and her family.

I see a lot of people get down and give up when they find out they have cancer but the person I see in Kim is a fighter, she’s tough, has a great attitude about things  and is resilient. She’s blessed with an amazing group of friends in Jen, Monee, April and Tanya that will be there by her side the whole way through along with the rest of the No Limit family.


So I’m putting this out there for everyone. Saturday, October 19 at 7,8,9 and 10 am we will be having boot camps and everyone is welcome just bring a donation of any amount or even gift cards to help support Kim through this journey. We appreciate you and I know Kim does too.



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