Orange County Personal Trainer Shares Benefits of Massage Therapy and Exercise


Hey there, Sako Yakinian here. Hope you’re on track for a fitter you and hope life is great.

No Limit boot camp client Anika May who is an amazing massage therapist was nice enough to share with us the benefits of massage therapy and workouts. If you’re a part of our program you know how brutal the workouts can get sometimes and how this might actually be perfect for you.

Check it out…

Everyone loves getting a massage, but did you know that massage therapy is a wonderful asset to add to your fitness and healthy lifestyle? Not only does massage relieve stress and help your muscles feel better, but it’s healthy for you! Here are a few ways that massage therapy is an incredible benefit to fitness!

1. Massage maximizes the supply of nutrients to your tight muscles after a workout by increasing circulation. Certain fluids such as nitrogen and phosphorous are necessary for tissue repair. Massage assists the body to excrete these fluids so that your body can heal from your workout and build strong muscles.

2. Massage can actually help to shorten recovery time! Toxins in the body such as lactic and carbonic acid build up in muscles after exercise. Massage helps to move these waste products out, leaving you less sore from your workouts.

3. Stretches incorporated in your massage lengthen your muscles and bring fluid to your joints, thus increasing range-of-motion. This results in more flexibility- another great benefit for your fitness goals! By stretching the connective tissue, adhesions are broken down and prevented

4. Massage has a relaxing effect on the muscles, as well as a sedative effect on the nervous system. It assists your body to release endorphins- the body’s natural pain killer. You’ll find that with massage therapy, you experience less pain and fatigue after a tough workout.

Fitness, Nutrition and Massage Therapy! These three components go hand-in-hand to better health and wellbeing. Getting a routine massage is one of the most supportive steps you can make in reaching your fitness goals. Make massage therapy part of your fitness regiment and you’ll be amazing at the results!
-Anika May, LMT

Anika May is a licensed Massage Therapist in Orange County. She has been working in the field of professional massage therapy for 8 years. She has had experience providing massage therapy for Oncology patients, and last year she was employed by the NFL team San Diego Chargers to do massage for the club members. Anika owns Soleus Massage Therapy, her oncall massage company that brings massage to her client’s home or office. Should her clients prefer to come to her, Anika also provides massage therapy at the Health Connection of Tustin.

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