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My favorite post is here! Sunday Spotlight!

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This client is a trooper! She’s always at boot camp, always has a positive attitude, works her butt off every single boot camp and has been on a roll ever since day one! What I love about her is that she knows EXACTLY where she wants to be and how she’s going to get there and best of all SHE’S FOCUSED! She’s determined to hit her goals and knows that nothing can stop her. She’s also extremely lucky to have the support group that she does that consists of mainly her brother Henry and his wife Monica. Those two have also done an amazing job and both have amazing transformations that you will see in the future.

Well here is Patty below sharing her story…

Before I started Boot camp in December, I was always tired, would run out of breath going up the stairs or even walking a little ways. I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and sleep Apnea about 3 years ago and last November I had my every 2 month check up and my Doctor told me I was 200 pounds and that my Thyroid would get worse and would have to increase my medication,”very depressing.” It was then when I knew I needed to do something, just did not know how to start.  I started going to 24 hour fitness with my sister spending 3 to 4 hours a day, time I did not have. On Thanksgiving day my brother Henry and his wife Monica came to my house for dinner and started telling me about “No limit boot camp” they told me I can try it for one week for free and on top of that they offered to pay for my first month if I signed up. An offer I just could not resist. Dec 5th was my first day.   Seeing the results my brother and his wife had was motivation alone and I knew it had to join.

My first week was the hardest week of my life, but I had to push myself if I wanted to see results. I was surprised when I joined to see how nice and helpful everyone was, not only the trainers but the other clients as well, everyone pushes each other that was a big plus to me. I enjoy going to boot camp and love the feeling I get when I am finish with the workouts.   With my Thyroid and Sleep Apnea condition I was always tired and I would fall asleep practically anywhere specially when I was driving, not a good thing. I noticed maybe 3 weeks into boot camp that I had more energy and I was not falling asleep anywhere. I don’t fall asleep driving anymore and that is huge. I don’t have a hard time sleeping at night anymore either. I went for my Thyroid check up and my Doctor was surprised that my Thyroid test came back normal I am currently off medication and I don’t have to go back every 2 months any more, now I only have to go twice per year. No limit boot camp has not only helped me look better and feel better but it has helped me get healthier and to me that is priceless.

Since December up until the second week of February I am down to 171 pounds. I have gone from a size 20 to a size 12. I have lost 3% body fat and more the 4 inches on my waist, thighs, hips, and about 2 inches on my arms. I am so excited. My goal is to reach at least 140 pounds by the end of the year and to be at least a size 9. I want to not only thank Sako and his team for helping people like me make a difference in our life’s, but I also want to thank Henry and Monica for introducing me to No limit Boot camp. This has been the best decision of my life.


There’s Patty’s story, these are real people getting real results! I’m extremely excited to see her when she gets to her goal of 140, it’s going to be an awesome feeling 🙂
Do you feel like you’re stuck or just are unhappy with your body? Maybe you’re alright but want to be even better?

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