In just 60 days you can upgrade your physical and mental wellbeing, create lasting habits and raise your standards to become a better you.

What is this Challenge About?

This Program is about finding new healthy alternatives in your life to make the tedious things seem easier. Once you find out what you’re capable of doing after “6IXTYGRIND,” you will take those habits and carry them into your day-to-day life.

You will have action items to complete every day and mark off on your app for 60 days that will help you physically, mentally and also become an overall better person. With that you will have a coach to guide you along the way and hold you accountable while working towards a better version of yourself.


This is for an individual who wants a change in their life because they are looking to better themselves. Not just physically, but mentally getting stronger and carrying that out to their everyday lives. Looking to grow as a person and create that growth into relationships and into the workplace. 

Meet Your Coach

Alex Garcia, fitness coach at No Limit PT

Alex Garcia

Alex Garcia comes prepared with a great deal of experience and knowledge. His own personal development is what sparked his interest turned passion in this industry. Alex spent six years participating in competitive wrestling, as well as coaching wresting at one of the county’s top private schools; Orange Lutheran High School. Holding a NCCPT certification, Alex has spent the past eight years personal training clients of all walks of life.

Here’s what people just like you have accomplished in a similar program…

Before the challenge, I consumed copious amounts of fast food and sweets. Working out when I “felt like it” and a genuine disdain within my life. With a previous attempt with this challenge about a year ago, failing miserably within the first two weeks, it was time for redemption. Essentially, I was plateauing in life and desired change.

   First few weeks were a bit chaotic. Getting into the groove of things was no vacation retreat. Two to three weeks later, it was smooth(ish) sailing. Some obstacles I had to navigate through were the reading part of the challenge. This was because it’s near impossible for me to stay still for too long. The absence of sweets and cheat meals were probably second to reading but you can’t call it a challenge if it’s not challenging.

   Since starting the challenge, I’ve achieved an ideal body weight and diet that is sustainable. Acquiring a more positive mindset has definitely been a gift itself, since coming from a negative background was all I knew. Unconditional self love has been more present than it ever has been. In a nutshell, my overall mental health has improved as well as job performance and productivity.

   Post Challenge, I’ve decided that I will no longer partake in alcohol or fast food. An occasional sweetie here and there but never in indulgence. Besides the end of certain vices, 75 hard has made me a better person overall, mentally and physically.

-Andrew Gaspar

Before the challenge I was already active working out 2x/day Monday-Friday. I ate healthy besides an occasional glass of wine once a week or yogurt land occasionally. I had a good routine but I was still figuring out how to time manage everything. Just coming out of the holiday curve of ‘Hallow-Thanksgiv-Mas’ & all the social gatherings, I felt fluffy from all the desserts & alcohol I consumed … it was a lot. I decided to do this challenge because a few of my friends were doing it & I thought it would be fun to kick off the New Year with a challenge and do it with them. Plus, I figured it would benefit me getting my body in tip top shape for the upcoming months. 

In the beginning, I was very motivated and hit it so hard in the gym. My boyfriend and I chose to do the whole foods only, no processed foods and I was watching my calories. I was managing spacing out my water intake through the day, doing all the required tasks with no hassle & I felt like I had this challenge in the bag. Then the halfway came, I thought to myself that this challenge was never ending. All the double workouts in one day with no rest days in between were starting to add stress to my body. I chose to either do double HIIT classes or strength training one in the morning/one in the afternoon, along with my daily routine & a walk or two with my dog. During the challenge, I was trying to get time management under control. It’s easy to let 3 hours go by without having a sip of water… or sit down for only 15 mins & then look to see that 45 mins have already passed when it feels like you haven’t even had the chance to rest yet. Getting a gallon of water in a day was difficult for me. I started to think for what purpose can this teach me by following some challenge, some guy created? I felt like I got stuck in a funky mood. Then I got a cold that lasted about a week but still managed to get all my workouts & tasks done for each day. I got better but that week was a long one for me. I began to feel defeated but kept telling myself I’m so close and I know I can complete this. 

Since taking this 75 hard challenge it has taught me many things about myself that I didn’t know. I enjoy my time in the early mornings around 3AM when it is quiet; with a cup (or 3) of coffee & think what I need to do that day before the daily grind starts. Food is ready to go because it was prepped the night before but if it’s not; waking up a couple hours before my day starts, allows me to get everything ready. My mindset has changed since this challenge. I care about what I put into my body. I value my time & sleep. I’ve noticed my body is sensitive to certain things. The last weeks were hard but I completed it & I was glad to say I finished this challenge strong. I definitely had to have a few talks with myself & with my close ones in the last 75 days. Thankfully my boyfriend & I were doing this challenge side by side. We tried our best at making it fun, creative & a growing lesson for us as a couple & independently. I am so grateful for the 75 Hard Group for holding me accountable & motivated the whole time. Having support from people around you is important. Surround yourself with people who want to see you reach your goals, not ones who say, “what is the point”. While it wasn’t easy, I did it. Being mindful about what & how much I consume will be something I take with me but let’s be honest, I have been wanting a glass of wine since this challenge has started… lol & an occasional yogurt land won’t kill me. I’ll still be very active because I love working out but I probably won’t give myself anxiety if the day is coming to an end & I’ve only made it through one workout. This challenge taught me the importance of self-love & to enjoy all the moments, even the struggles that life throws at you. 

 -Brianna Lowe

Before the challenge. I was stagnant. Couldn’t drop those last few hard lbs even though I have the knowledge base to do it. For me… it’s always been the food and booze. I’m social. My house is a revolving door of friends, family and tons of kids – so there’s always so much temptation around. The working out is the easy part. 

I joined because I’m always up for a challenge. I love doing hard things. I’m competitive as f@ck. I love the end game. 

There are some days when I can honestly say I had never felt better, stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. 

The old version of me…the insecure version of me… wants to focus on the weight loss (7lbs), but in my heart I know it’s not about that. It’s about the good habits that were formed. The rhythm I finally found with my schedule, my workouts and my good choices with cooking and clean eating. The examples I’ve set for my children. 

Every time I’ve done one of these challenges (and I’ve done a few different ones), I always tell myself I will take a few of my key learnings and keep them in my tool belt for everyday life.

1) adjusting my sleep schedule so I can hit up a 5:15am at NL or 6am at CP. 

2) holding true to a weekly food prep session that sets me up for success 

3) remembering how much I love reading. I’ve probably devoured no less that 12 books since we have started.

I realized I won’t die if I workout after 4pm 😂. I’ve forged friendships.

I’ve found new purpose and new motivations to continue on this journey 

Honestly, I’ve realized that I drink too much in front of my kids 😬

-Natalie DaRosa  




  • Action items to complete every day and track through a private app– Drink water according to your weight, do one good deed, limit alcohol consumption, follow a diet (your choice), journal entry of 1 win, journal entry of how you feel, exercise for at least 30 minutes daily.

  • Coaching and accountability

  • Community of people working towards the same goal

  • Access to your coach through messaging on the private app


Is this only for NLPT members?

No, this program is open to everyone.

Will my information and progress be shared?

No, all of your information stays confidential and will not be shared without your approval.

Will I have to follow a meal plan?

No, a meal plan won’t be provided.

What happens if I mess up?

One day will not mess it up. The goal is to be about 75% or higher to fully complete it.

Is this a remote program?

Yes! You can join and participate from ANYWHERE in the world. That’s what makes it so great. Accountability at your fingertips.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or feel free to call or text (714) 909-1203.