2014 No Limit Referral Contest



As we work on remodeling the facility and bettering our program we’re asking for your help to reach out to more people so we can spread the word about No Limit and transform more lives!

By doing this you will have a bigger support group and more people to help work together to reach your goals and continuously get better!

Here’s the deal… we’re making it exciting. We’re making this a referral contest with a big $$$ prize!


Here’s how it works. The top 3 clients with the most points win. T contest starts 7/7 and ends 8/3.

These are the programs and points you receive once the client you refer joins our program:

  • 6 weeks boot camp $159- 1 point

  • 3 or 6 mo pt – 2 points (price sheet below)

  • 12 mo pt- 3 points (price sheet below)

How to earn points:

1. Bring a friend in for a free week of boot camp

2. Have them sign up with one of the options above

3. You earn points based on program chosen

4. Get paid $25 per person that joins and if you’re top 3 with points you get paid extra $$$$

2014 Training Programs Price Sheet

  • At the end of 4 weeks we will add up all the points and see who the winner is. Also no matter what, for every single referral every referral you will receive $25 credit or cash. 

Here’s what we ask to create a buzz online and with friends and family

  • We will post on FB an image you can post or text to all your friends
  • Check in on FB every time you come in tagging people to come join you for a free workout. Make sure to tag me as well so I see you in action.
  • Post on instagram and make sure you always tag me 🙂
  • Bring a friend for a free workout (we won’t be doing the 2 weeks free thing throughout)

Every day we will have an update with the scores. It is VERY important the people you refer are specific about who referred them so please make sure you let them know. You won’t get credit unless they put your name down on the sign up form. Also, no combining referrals between 2 clients. Which means a new signup can’t put two peoples names down, only 1 person gets the points.

Winners Prizes

1st Place- $500 plus $25 for every person that signs up

2nd Place-$250 plus $25 for every person that signs up

3rd Place-$100 plus $25 for every person that signs up

You have the option to use it towards your membership or get cash!


Right click on the images and save them to share on FB or save them to your phone and share on Instagram and Facebook.






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