5 Tips For Someone Over 40 Who Wants To Eat Healthier


Nowadays, there is so much information out there when it comes to health and fitness. We don’t even know what to believe anymore.

Well, we’re here to cut through the noise and give you 5 simple tips for someone over 40 aiming to eat healthier:

1. Choose Whole Foods: Opt for unprocessed foods like fresh veggies, fruits, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats. Minimize intake of processed foods with added sugars, preservatives, and unhealthy fats.

2. Portion Control: With metabolism slowing down as we age, portions are key. Use smaller plates and listen to hunger and fullness cues. A simple tip can be to eat protein the size of your hand, carbs the size of your fist, and fats the size of 1-2 thumbs.

3. Hydration: Drink water. Reduce sugary drinks and excessive caffeine. Incorporate water-rich foods and herbal teas. Steer clear of drinking your calories. Adding hydration packs are also a big plus!

4. Reduce Peanut Oil: Check food labels and do your best to minimize consumption of seed oils as they cause inflammation and other harmful effects. Some healthier alternatives are extra virgin olive oil, ghee, unrefined avocado oil, and grass-fed butter.

5. Focus on Bone Health: Prioritize calcium and vitamin D sources like leafy greens, fortified milk, and fish. Be aware of other vital nutrients like B vitamins and omega-3s. Remember, gradual changes are more sustainable. Consider guidance from a dietitian for personalized advice.

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