Breakfast is Important


One of the easiest ways to lose weight is to start eating breakfast. Many people believe by not eating breakfast they have more calories to eat later. True, but when the metabolism is slower because the body is still in starvation mode after sleep, missing breakfast may cause you to eat more throughout the day.

Have you heard of the saying, breakfast like a king, dinner like a prince, and supper like a pauper? Try to eat at least 500 calories for breakfast but eat healthily so avoid the milky coffees and fatty, sugary muffins.

Try to include proteins in your breakfast. An omelet or poached egg is perfect, as is lean bacon. Eggs and lean meats contain all of the nine essential amino acids. Other proteins like beans and lentils do not contain all nine essential amino acids so they must be consumed with other foods. Sugary breakfasts increase insulin and give an energy rush to the body but shortly after the body will crave more sugar. Fruit stabilizes the blood sugar levels and keeps the body fuller for longer.

During sleep, the body may crave calories but due to temporary paralysis, it is in starvation mode. An effective way to fire up the metabolism is by eating breakfast. The metabolism is highest in the morning so kick-start it the right way with breakfast and a healthy one. Wholemeal toast and eggs contains fiber and protein as does smoked salmon on bagels. Try to consume a meal with protein and the body will digest food for longer and therefore stay in dietary thermogenesis. Protein requires a lot of work to digest so therefore more calories are burnt.

Do not believe the myth that missing breakfast will help you lose weight. Okay, the odd day of missing breakfast is okay but purposely omitting breakfast can cause your metabolism to slow and therefore retain fat. When the body already uses 10% of the daily calories to digest food through thermogenesis, take advantage of this by consuming breakfast and eating regularly throughout the day. When the body has to digest food, the metabolism remains high.



To starve the body by purposely missing breakfast is one of the worst strategies to take on if your main desire is to lose weight over the long term. The metabolism will slow down because the body believes it is under attack so it slows down the metabolism to store fat in case food is not consumed. The body is very clever but there are ways to trick it. One of these is to take advantage of dietary thermogenesis and eat more food throughout the day. The body requires a certain number of calories per day. This is even before calories are burnt during exercise. The essential calories per day are necessary to keep the skin, muscles, and internal organs healthy.

One of the worse things you can do when you want to lose weight is to deprive the body of calories. When the body requires energy, it may dip into lean muscle tissue because it has no other way to find energy in the body. Lean muscle tissue is essential and keeps the metabolism high.

For those not used to breakfast, start the day with something small like a couple of pieces of wholemeal toast. The body will soon start to crave food as soon as it wakes up. See breakfast as your new best friend and strategy to long-term weight loss.


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