Client Shares Weight Loss Journey




I won’t ever forget her first day in here…started boot camp with her sister and after the first warm up run she was done. Nothing left and about ready to quit. Fast forward a little over a year she’s doing things athletes would do. From flipping a 185 lb tire, dragging sleds across the parking lot and challenging some of my tougher clients and jumping in their workouts.


This client is fearless, determined and never gives it less than 100% in her workouts. The best part is she ALWAYS is positive, never beats herself up and gets down and believes in herself!

For those of you that workout with her, you know what I’m talking about.


Nancy has lost around 130 lbs so far and it’s crazy because the girls she works out with she has already lost in weight! She will try anything you throw out at her and she’s even done sprints on the treadmill at 10 mph! She never ceases to amaze!


Check out her story she shares below…

Ever since I can remember I have always been overweight. I have struggled and tried every diet known to man to lose weight. I work with kids and being 300 pounds didn’t exactly make it easy to move around and be active to keep up with a class full of 2 and 3 year old kids.
3 years ago I decided I had to make a life style change so I don’t have to worry about not being able to keep up with the kids at work, or make an excuse to not go out with my friends so I wouldn’t be embarrassed if I couldn’t fit in a both at a restaurant or even just walk around somewhere and being out of breath. So after trying every diet that is out there and they all failed I decided to do what most average sized people told me to do from the beginning. I just ate vegetables and protein and minimal fruit and a hundred pounds came shedding off.
After plateauing for a year I tried going to the gym, heat yoga, and even rock climbing nothing lasted more than showing up 3 times if I was lucky. So I decided to come to No Limit Boot Camp and see what they really have to offer.  
 My experience at No Limit Boot Camp was great. In the beginning I dreaded going to the classes and was nearly in tears before I got out of my car. But the staff was supportive every step of the way. If something was to hard to do or I count move a certain way the staff was always willing and helped me do alternatives to whatever the rest of the class does. If it wasn’t for the No Limit staff I would probably have some kind of heart condition or diabetes. But thanks to them I can live my life like anyone else without a worry about having any health issues, those small booths, or shortness of breath.  
I have improved my life by being able to walk into a gym and not just walk out because the machines and the trainers intimidate me. I can actually do a lot of exercise now that I would of never thought my body can do in a million years.  
So far I have lost 130 pounds total and I know that with Sako and his team I will be able to lose the last bit I want to shed off. My goal is to be able to have Sako and his team kick my ass more to see what else I can do. 

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