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Life before No Limit was very challenging; I was what you would call a “cardio bunny.” I had a complete misrepresentation of what fitness was and what it could do for my body. I went to 24 hour fitness and I did elliptical most of the time with little weights with the fear it would make me look bulky. I was working out 7 days a week yet I wasn’t seeing any results. I was feeling very un-motivated, I knew I had to do something to change up my workouts but I wasn’t sure what that would be.


I always wanted to try a boot camp program and when I saw my friend Natalie Garcia check into No Limit, I KNEW I had to try it. Within moments of arriving, the people were so friendly and the atmosphere was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Alan was the trainer that class and I remember feeling like I hadn’t worked out a day in my life! I knew when I left that afternoon that I’d be back. The next time I came in, I signed up for the black Friday special…for a year! Since that moment, I haven’t looked back. I also haven’t stepped into 24 hour fitness and it feels amazing! This was what I needed to jumpstart my life again!


“I’ve lost 5.7% body fat, 7.75 inches off my entire body, as well as 8.4 lbs!”

Going to No Limit has been nothing short of amazing! The trainers are both helpful and motivating…If I’m not doing something right, they will come up and show me the correct way. Instead of being whatever about going to the gym, I was excited and was looking forward to my morning workouts!! At the end of 2014, I saw that my current trainer, Alex, post a comment saying she had an open spot for a free PT session. I thought, “Sure why not, let’s give it a try!” Boy I was feeling that session LONG after the hour was up! I was always a very active person who never felt the need to hire a trainer; however at that moment I decided I needed that extra one on one motivation and support to get me into my ideal shape. I was hooked! I began my PT sessions with Alex in January and that was by far one of the best decisions I ever made for myself! In the few short months of working out with her, I have seen my body change overall – you name it, it’s changed! With her help, I’ve lost 5.7% body fat, 7.75 inches off my entire body, as well as 8.4 lbs! I’m stronger, lifting heaver, and eating better. She’s more than just my trainer, she’s someone I can truly count on for anything!


Even though I was hardly cheating, for fear of gaining weight, when I did cheat I would just workout even harder to make up for it. I was always living in regret; “I shouldn’t have eaten that” was what I kept telling myself. With the help of No Limit and Alex, they have showed me the proper way to eat and fuel my body. I’m eating more overall, including cheat meals, without feeling any hesitations or guilt! It’s so refreshing to know that as long as I eat properly and according to my goals, I can allow myself indulgences while still continuing to see results! I’m seeing changes in my body, muscle I never knew existed, and I’m living my life with a much happier outlook!


“You have to want it yourself or it won’t last for the long-term”

If you ever wanted to start working out or eating better, I would suggest starting off with finding someone/someplace that is very supportive and will help you with your goals. You have to want it yourself or it won’t last for the long-term. My journey is no where far from being over, this is one never ending story!

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