Farewell Coach Park


This isn’t your average Monday Motivation…

This week it’s about a member of the NL team, a team member who is starting a new chapter in his life coaching high school athletes and running his own business.

There’s a lot to say about Randy, then again Randy always has a lot to say about everything. If you’ve been around him long enough you know he loves to talk, talks more crap than anyone in the gym, fixes his glasses every 15-20 seconds, always makes his boot camps pick up after him and lastly you know he has a few signature lines that he uses over and over every workout.


On a real note…

Randy has been a huge asset to No Limit from the day he stepped foot in this gym. NL team member Richard noticed that the first time he saw him run a boot camp. For someone to consistently wake up before 5am 3 years in a row just about 5 days a week and be able to turn it on and motivate and train groups of clients for 3 boot camps every morning isn’t common. He made it happen. You all know it’s not easy getting up that early. He never made an excuse, always performed, always came through for me whenever we needed him.

“He never made an excuse, always performed, always came through for me whenever we needed him.”

Randy is extremely talented at what he does, he makes it look easy when it’s not even close. Randy has built quite the number of relationships at No Limit, he’s been able to bring clients together and connect people during boot camps. He genuinely loves the people he works with and it shows.


We’ve had some great experiences together over the years, as a team, as coworkers and as friends. We’ve gone on some entertaining Vegas trips where Randy gets extremely animated to poker nights where I usually take all his money 🙂

The time has come though where it’s time for that next step in life and coach Park is ready for the challenge.

It’s going to be weird not hearing those signature lines in the morning like “we got 5”, “good job you guys” and “5 forward, 5 back” and the walking clap that always drags out a few seconds too long.


All jokes aside, I’m going to miss Randy. 

He’s been a stand up guy from the start. A great teammate and also a friend, actually more like family.

I know I never told him enough, but I’m grateful to have him on my team and appreciate him helping us lay the foundation for No Limit.

The entire No Limit family appreciates you and will miss you. You’re welcome back any time you’d like to come visit.

I’d say good luck with your new endeavors but you don’t need it. You’ve got this 🙂


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