Fat Burners


Fat burners.  If you’re at all interested in losing weight — or gaining muscle mass — you’ve no doubt heard of this class of supplements.  Essentially this term refers to the literally hundreds of products you can find on the market today.  Their purpose is exactly what their name implies: to burn the fat off your body.

Depending on the product, the burning of the fat may be done in a variety of ways.  An effective fat burner burns your stored fat in order to use them as the energy you need at the moment.  It also breaks down and mobilizes the fat cells and all the while it speeds up your natural metabolism in order to increase the “burning” of the stored fat and in turn keeping the fat cells from enlarging.

These products fall under the large umbrella term of “dietary supplements” and as such the U.S. Federal Drug Administration doesn’t have jurisdiction to regulate their production or the sale of them.  The FDA however certainly has a say in the way they’re advertised,

If you use them

Tempting, isn’t it?  To use them to help give you that spurt of energy you need to get your body moving and burning calories.  And in the process, you hope that your weight will eventually drop.

Many health experts say that’s exactly how you should view these supplements — as nothing more than a “temporary fix” to your weight loss problem.  Most of these fat burners have been shown to be effective for weight loss, but they also come with some unwanted side effects.  Some people report such problems as a rapid pulse, increased blood pressure, constipation, nervousness, sleeplessness and lack of appetite.


One category of a fat burner is a thermogenic. As the name implies, thermogenic fat burners work because they raise your body temperature and in turn increase the number of calories you burn daily.

These products for the most part stimulate the central nervous system.  That’s the purpose of such ingredients as caffeine and ephedrine being included in them.  And in the short run, these products can perform remarkably well.  They do indeed give your body that “oomph” it needs to jumpstart your weight loss program or to help provide you with a boost to your exercise or body building routine.  But these are not created with the intention of you being on them for the long haul.

Many times, thermogenics contain ingredients, like Guarana or Yerba Mate found in another type of fat burner, the stimulant.


Stimulants are called this because they, like the thermogenic, speed up your metabolism.  Additionally, these products are known for suppressing your appetite.  And this, as you can easily understand is an ideal prescription for weight loss.

These stimulants take many form, from guarana — the native Brazilian plant that most mimics caffeine — to bitter orange.

Many of these stimulants are bought through over-the-counter methods — without a prescription from a doctor.  But there are some stimulants available that your personal physician may recommend you take.

And yes, stimulants used for this purpose are very similar to those taken for attention deficit disorder.  Ritalin is, indeed, a stimulant as are other similar medications.

Water loss products:

Also Called Diuretics

These specific supplements promote weight loss primarily through the promotion of water loss.  In other words, they encourage your body to urinate more.  This avoids the accumulation of water in your system. This water retention has been linked with heart failure, cirrhosis of the liver as well as high blood pressure.

If you aspire to build muscle, diuretics may also be useful, for they assist in eliminating that water that is stored just beneath the skin as well as supplying your body with the much needed electrolytes that can help to maintain the fullness of your muscles.

Thyroid Boosters

These are another type of supplement used specifically to burn fat — and fast.  They increase the output of the necessary thyroid hormones, substances known to help regulate your body’s metabolism naturally. Those searching for weight loss find not only do these work well alone, but they also seem to be very effective when used in conjunction with diuretics.


If you’re using it right now for burning fat, think again.  Several years ago there was quite a bit of controversy swirling around this substance.  It’s related to the herb ephredra, which was taken off the market in the United States because of several deaths that have been associated with its use.

Currently, this substance is only approved for use in certain asthma medications. Ephedrine stacked with caffeine and aspirin is by far the best fat burner around, and is very effective. Be sure to use it at your own risk.

Fat burners are used — and probably will be forever used — by many people looking for that quick weight loss.  And when used properly, as a tool to jumpstart your metabolism, they can be very useful.

But don’t think that these supplements are actually a substitute for a sound diet and a sensible exercise routine — because they’re not.

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