Jasmine Dunbar Shares Her Story


When I was asked to share my story, I was very hesitant because I didn’t feel like my body is where it should be and there is still so much work for me to accomplish, but Melissa kept giving me the nudge so I finally sat down and wrote it out. I have been going to No Limit for about 4 years, and got in the best shape of my life before my wedding in 2014, but with my new marriage, laziness, and moving I just stopped working out and in 10 months all the hard work I put into training for a year diminished very quickly. I was one of those people that gained the weight back, loved cooking pastas and comfort food, and just made excuses as to why I wasn’t going to the gym anymore.

After leaving that doctors appointment a light bulb went off in my head. I wanted to have a healthy lifestyle not for just me, but for this baby I had growing inside me.

In August 2015 I had just moved back to Anaheim Hills and I was excited to get back into personal training. I got back from a summer vacation and was very surprised to find out I was 8 weeks pregnant. All I kept thinking was DANG I finally shifted my mindset and was ready to hit PT and Bootcamp hard again, and now I can’t since I pregnant. But after talking with the doctor she was extremely supportive of me returning to the gym and said how important it was to stay active through my pregnancy. And that was the moment my true fitness journey began. I knew I wanted to be the 8 month pregnant girl at the gym doing sled sprints and chin ups, not the one eating ice cream and mac and cheese everyday.

I started working out at 10 weeks pregnant with Alex. For about 3 weeks EVERY single workout I would throw up, cry a little, but I never stopped or gave up (my workout partner- Jane can vouch for me). I would drink a little water, take it easy for a few minutes, and push through the workout. The next few months were some of the hardest months of my life. I had a very difficult time with seeing my body get bigger, hips get wider, and everything changing, it was the one time I had no control over my body. But I learned to just embrace the process and focused on how well my baby was growing and proud of myself for keeping my body active and healthy.

I didn’t have support from the people around me, my parents thought it was dangerous for the baby, my husband thought I was pushing myself too hard, and friends said “Why are you working out, this is the time you can eat what you want- you are eating for two.” The only true support I had was from everyone at No Limit. They motivated me day in, day out and supported my physical activity. When you see the #nolimitfamily it is exactly that- a family.

But I knew if I persisted I might be able to keep some of my hard-earned muscle I spent years building and would hopefully bounce back quicker after the baby came.

I was one of those people that liked being pregnant. But I 100% believe that is because of working out through the pregnancy. I didn’t have issues with gestational diabetes or blood pressure, I slept well and I improved by endurance. The doctor told me every week how strong the heartbeat was and how healthy I was. I trained up until 35 weeks pregnant, but had to stop because the baby was sitting directly on my tailbone and causing a lot of pain. I found the hardest part of training was not so much the physical struggle but more the mental struggle.

Fast forward I had my baby March 13th and I was back in the gym 7 weeks post partum. I had gained a total of 38 lbs and I was on a mission to get my pre baby body back. I did my first challenge, but 5 weeks in I was put on a hold for training. I had broken my tailbone in my delivery and I was in a lot of pain. Every time I worked out, I would barely be able to walk the next day. I felt so defeated. But yet again, all of the trainers were so supportive in helping me get through another hurdle. Melissa is so patient with me and writes up workouts to strengthen my tailbone and keeps me accountable for my eating habits.

I am down about 5% body fat and have dropped all of my baby weight since my pregnancy.

I try and make it a priority and it truly helps my physical and mental health.

My greatest challenge now is just making the time to train. I am trying so hard to balance my life- I own my business and work full time, I have a baby that doesn’t like to sleep, a husband who works 6 days a week, and minimal help with Brayden. But I know when I get to the gym and train or jump into bootcamp, I feel rejuvenated.  And I love being able to motivate my friends now. Even though you’re pregnant, or dealing with an injury, you’re not broken. You can still work out and make healthy eating choices. And even though you’re busy, you can set aside a few hours a week to work out, there are no excuses, I am not making any so you can’t either! There is NO way I would be where I am today without all the support and guidance of my trainer Melissa and the other trainers at No Limit. They help you set goals and accomplish them. They are experts in what they do with a passion to help you succeed. And I am very grateful for the relationships that I have developed with everyone I have met through the gym.

I am always going to be a work in progress, but I am finally starting to see a real change in my body and feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.


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