Lauren Shares Transformation


I’m stoked to finally get her to share her story! Lauren has continuously been progressing ever since day one! I love that she always comes in full of energy and with such a great attitude 🙂

She has a very inspiring story to share with you, so I’m leaving it up to her. Check it out!


One year ago, I was nervous about starting bootcamp at No Limit because I was in the worst shape of my life, not being able to do a good sit-up or jump more than a few inches off the ground. During the past four years, I was fortunate enough to have had my two children and finish graduate school, but those accomplishments left very little time for working out, eating right, and taking care of myself. At nearly 50 lbs. overweight, I was resigned to the idea that I might never get back into shape and I was struggling to fully embrace my new role as “mom” and non-athlete. Before kids, I had been an NCAA Division I rower at the University of Texas and a recreational triathlete- I wasn’t mentally prepared for how overwhelming it would feel to be overweight and facing the huge challenge of starting over.


At first, every motion felt foreign to my body and I was always so sore the next day. It was the positive and supportive environment at No Limit that kept me coming back. No one judged me for not being able to do a sit-up. Even during busy bootcamp classes, the trainers found time to make individual modifications for exercises that were hard for me so that I could avoid injury and still make progress during my workouts. Instead of feeling weak and incapable, I started to feel as though I could actually come back from neglecting my fitness for so long.

“I’ve learned to love it because I have more energy for my kids and my career.”

Turning 34 this year, I realize that unlike my 20’s, I now need to focus closely on my nutrition and weight training to meet my goals. I made the commitment to small group personal training twice weekly and that was the best decision I could have made for myself. By targeting my weak movements and steadily increasing the progression of weight and cardio circuits, my trainer Bri (Team Bri!), has guided me towards being stronger than ever before in my upper body and core. Plus the added emphasis on nutrition helped me strictly limit my consumption of processed foods and alcohol—a big step I never thought I could take—but now I’ve learned to love it because I have more energy for my kids and my career.


Making the investment in personal training has motivated me to focus on my goals both inside and outside the gym. Compared to what I’ve achieved through No Limit with respect to weight loss and fitness, accomplishing things at work and at home seems relatively so simple! Being held accountable by the No Limit team has made all the difference. Even though I naturally enjoy training for sports on my own, it’s critical for me to have a tough trainer that will continue to push me beyond where I think I can go. At the end of the day, I’m still a normal human being who prefers to avoid suffering and go the ‘easy route’ sometimes. Bri and the other trainers have a very keen sense of when to encourage their clients to take on more difficult challenges and go big (or go home)!

“I’ve gone almost every day for a year and I never get bored.”


The bottom line is: No Limit is a great place to start no matter what your fitness background is. The bootcamp schedule is awesome because with 9 classes per day, there are very few reasons to miss a workout. Each class is unique and includes a dynamic warm-up, an intense weight circuit, and bursts of cardio mixed in so that you get a complete and well-rounded workout in one hour. I’ve gone almost every day for a year and I never get bored. I’m always learning new variations on stuff I thought I already knew! #nolimitlove

I am so grateful to No Limit for providing the support and day-to-day structure that I needed to reclaim my identity as an athlete AND be the awesome energetic mom I always aspired to be—it’s definitely harder than any sport out there! A million thanks go out to the No Limit family and my family at home for keeping me accountable to my goals and expecting me to show up every day.



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