Life Changing 12 Week Transformation




With all odds against her, she was determined to make it happen. I have a whole new level of respect for Tanya.


What most of you don’t know that I saw firsthand…
The double days, intense workout sessions with Richard, hours and hours on the stairs and treadmill, every meal prepared and planned out. if you’ve ever done this, you know it’s extremely challenging mentally and physically.

Watching Tanya and Richard work together is inspiring and entertaining all at the same time.The time and effort they put in, the verbal battles and the energy they put out was incredible. The two together have become an amazing team and have also become close friends in the process. That’s what it’s all about!

Please take a few moments and check out this story, next time you want to make excuses just think of Tanya. I’m proud of you Tanya, I loved watching you progress daily and watching all these changes happen. You’ve inspired so many women in the gym to take action and change their lives!


Now…. Here’s Tanya

“The strongest steel is forged in the hottest of fires.

I am a single mother of four:  2 sons and 2 daughters. Being a mom in and of itself is the biggest job I have ever taken on, but it was made bigger by the diagnosis of my youngest son who has autism. He has had therapy every week since 3 years old (he’ll be turning 9 in August), which not only sapped time from our busy schedule, but sapped most of my energy as well. Though I had always been active as a child and a teenager—I was a gymnast until breaking my neck at 18 years old—exercise hadn’t been something I had taken “me” time for. Motherhood truly is a full-time job, and you very seldom get breaks.


My wake-up call came in the form of routine check-up 5 years ago; the results of the tests both frightened and focused me. I had been diagnosed with cervical cancer at 38 years old. After surge, and enduring both the pain and joy of recovery, I realized something that began my fitness journey and my journey of self-acceptance. I needed to make a change. After finally making the decision to leave a toxic marriage, I was in need of a new beginning in more than one way. I had felt weak and helpless in a relationship colored with dysfunction and abuse, and leaving was a decision I made for my children and myself. I was ready to start over.


No stranger to exercise, the idea of getting fit wasn’t horribly daunting. But I didn’t just want to look good, I wanted to be healthy. Autism can be not only an emotional struggle, but a physical one—my son is moderate to severe on the Autism spectrum and he gets stronger everyday. I need to be able to wrestle with my son, and still have energy left to be a good mother to my other children. I want, no, need to be around for a long time, to take care of my youngest son throughout his life and to experience all I can with my older son and my two girls. Finding No Limit was the defining moment in my new life of fitness, and I cannot be more thankful.


I came into boot camp, sometimes very early in the morning, sometimes after the kids were asleep, looking for strength. My body changed, with hard work and help from some wonderful friends and trainers, but something else changed too. I have found inner strength and confidence in who I am. I have learned that, while I may not have control over everything in my hectic life, I have the control to make changes within myself. I am a strong person, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I have seen hardship, abuse, pain, and loss, but through self-empowerment, I know that I can withstand anything life (or my children), can throw at me. I have been so blessed to find a place that is not just a gym—it’s a family.


Today, I am at 6% body fat, stronger than ever, and I feel good about myself. That’s not something many mothers of four can say and certainly something I didn’t know was possible, Now I feel I am setting a good example for my children—if you focus, work hard, and never give up, you will reach your goals, you will accomplish what you set out to.

Today I am strong in many more ways than one. Thank you No Limit, staff, friends, family and above all, Richard, my trainer. I can’t say enough great things about this man. He has been there for me whether it by phone calls or texts late at night telling him how hungry I was or asking how I could possibly survive without carbs for another minute let alone another week! His support has never wavered. He helped me transform my body, mind and soul. He’s been my rock, my motivator, my friend! He believed in me and pushed me to my limits. He has shown me how to trust, open up and most of all love myself!

Here’s to fitness! Here’s to strength! And most of all here’s to family! I couldn’t  have continued my journey without the support of my family at No Limit.

Embrace the suck. It’ll change your life

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