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We normally share clients testimonials and stories but this week I want to share a story about a team member. A team member who i’ve known for around 8 years. This isn’t a story about his transformation. I just want to share with everyone about his story and how he plays a big role at No Limit. The quote above sums it all up when it comes to him. HE’S ALL IN.

If you know me well you know I don’t vouch for many people but this guy is solid. He’s extremely hard working, one of the most loyal people I know, never cuts corners, never looks for handouts and believes everything should be earned not given. I’ll be real, the dude is a little rough around the edges and he’s no nonsense and will be brutally honest even if it gets him in trouble but that’s why I love the guy. No filter, it’s a little much!1496624_1405669402987171_2504431365461377899_n

“30 years of consistency, experience and just grinding it out.”

30 years of consistency, experience and just grinding it out. To this day at almost 50 years old he still challenges himself physically and mentally week in and week out. He’s probably going to kill me now that I shared his age 🙂

Most people see him and think “meathead” until you actually see what he’s really capable of. He’s strong as hell when it comes to the weight room and he’s relentless on the bike when they’re on the open road. 

11129917_1481463605407750_6712777175251539668_oFor those of you that know Richard well, you know he’s extremely passionate. Not just with his workouts, but everything he does in life. At times, it gets him into trouble and its a little much but for the most part he’s a rock. Everything he does, he gives 120%. With his clients, his training, his nutrition, his riding and the people that are closest to him that he considers family.


“He gives 120%. With his clients, his training, his nutrition, his riding and the people that are closest to him that he considers family.”

He’s up between 3:30-5 am almost every day. He brings it each time he steps foot in that gym whether it’s clients or his own training. He picks up where others fall off, he puts in extra work for the team that nobody sees or hears about and doesn’t take the credit. He rides his bike several days a week and when I mean ride this isn’t your cruise around the park, he’s insane! He still makes time to get his strength training in no matter what.

He’s brought together members as well and they formed their own little team where they go on rides together. No Limit members Tanya, Lauren, Nhan, Cindy, Dan and David have all been a part of it. He does this all on his own personal time. Some of them have built life long friendships from it.


“He puts in extra work for the team that nobody sees or hears about and doesn’t take the credit.”

I don’t share all this with you to impress you or to brag, I simply want to share with you not only our clients are motivating and inspiring but our team members as well. He’s a rare breed and I have a ton of respect for what he does.


It’s the little things, the details that matter. From serving his clients, giving away his own food if a team member is hungry and doesn’t have anything, picking up and cleaning the entire floor when nobody is around to watching over things when I’m away. He’s selfless. He’d do anything for me and NL and I know that. 


“He’s selfless. He’d do anything for me and NL and I know that.”

He’s no angel, and most people see the other side. Let’s be real, we’ve butted heads, had many disagreements, and he has driven me borderline crazy a couple of times. At times I feel I have to put a leash on him to keep him still. To be honest though, I wouldn’t change it for the world, it’s because he cares. He cares more about NL and the people than most of you will ever know. It means everything to him. I’m glad he’s a part of our team.


If you can take ANYTHING away from this or if there’s anything to learn from NL team member Richard, it’s this :

– Always do your best

-Earned not given

-Serve first, be selfless

-Be passionate about something

-Loyalty is huge

-Work hard, be consistent and never quit

2015 nl team nsca

I don’t say it enough and I probably never will. I’m thankful to have him on this team, I appreciate everything he does and am grateful to have someone that always gives me their best no matter what. Someone who always has my back. It doesn’t go unnoticed. 


Sako Yakinian







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