No Limit Clients Shares Her Health and Fitness Journey


An open letter to No Limit…


I didn’t want to like you. I wanted to like dancing in mosh pits after splitting bottles of whiskey and sleeping four hours a night only to wake up and do it all over again. I loved my life but it was getting out of control.

I hit my heaviest weight in college but I had no idea I had gotten so out of hand at the time. I remember coming home for the first time after graduation and not being able to fit into anything I had left at my parents’ house. Seven failed Orange County bootcamps and countless fad diets later, I bought a groupon for No Limit for my husband, Steve, and i with a gift card I received for Christmas. I had outgrown the home workout DVDs, YouTube videos, 5 lb weights and limited resources in my living room. Frankly, I needed more support and accountability and something that would actually stick.

We started our 6 week journey the day our Groupons were set to expire. I remember telling Steve “we are NOT going to get sucked in to this. Let’s just go for 6 weeks and learn everything we need to to workout at home.”


 “I was hooked from the first day”

Fat chance. I was hooked from the first day. Walking in to No Limit everyday is like walking in to your annual family reunion (minus the food and alcohol). The trainers at No Limit not only teach me about nutrition and fitness, but they encourage me to be the best version of myself each day. I am constantly presented with new goals to crush and their faith and confidence in me is what keeps me going. What makes No Limit stand out among all the previous bootcamps I’ve tried is how knowledgable and educated the trainers are. I never leave a workout without learning something new about my form or without a solid understand of how each activity is benefiting my body.

1689711_338063099697004_530874645078649077_nI always wondered how people made commitments to working out each day and how they fit that hour into their schedules, but now I have become one of ‘those people.’ I look forward to my daily workouts and the challenges they hold and each workout is like a daily mini date with my husband. Improving my health this year not only allowed me to become a better athlete at No Limit, it afforded me the opportunities to mountain bike, ski, complete a 10k, and start thinking about expanding our family.

I had never heard of kettle bells before last year. Never pushed a sled or attempted a pull up. I was absolutely terrified of box jumps and a ‘clean’ was how I left my plate after dinner. None of that mattered. The trainers taught me all the skills and training I needed to be able to fit right in; and when I broke my leg last summer, they were able to adjust all the workouts to fit my rehab. Each opportunity I have to be pushed to increase my weights or reps, do that extra chin up or box jump, or add a plate to the sled, is an honor to me.  Lara pic 1

“Since starting No Limit, I have lost 13 lbs, 5 inches around my waist alone and a total of 2 dress sizes”

After completing the 8 week body fat challenge (#adamsangels), I finally learned that if you want to party hard, you better be ready to work even harder. And No Limit is like my second office. There’s nothing that can keep me away from showing up each day because at the end of the day, I want to know that I’m earning my nights out. Since starting No Limit, I have lost 13 lbs, 5 inches around my waist alone and a total of 2 dress sizes… My ‘after’ pics from the challenge are my new ‘before’ pics and I can’t wait to see what I can push my body to do in the future with the help of No Limit. 10153762_10202072826341173_8061960672647036529_n

“I not only like you, No Limit, I love you.”

I can safely say now that I’m in the best shape I have ever been in my adult life, I not only like you, No Limit, I love you. Thank you for giving me my health and balance back.



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